Let’s face it, regardless of your position or title, security is front of mind for every business professional. We understand the threat and consequences of having our data breached and our files hacked. As consumers, we treasure our privacy and go out of our way to build walls around the fortress of online assets we’ve accumulated, including images and personal data.

Bet you’re just glad that you didn’t exit this Blog at #9.

Since security is a top priority, let’s take a look at some of the likely cybersecurity scenarios for the upcoming year.

  1. You’ll lose or misplace your PROXIMITY CARD.
  2. You’ll accept a new position and cause your IT department to deactivate your PROXIMITY CARD.
  3. As you’re waiting for your PIN NUMBER your mind will begin to drift…
  4. Distracted, you didn’t enter in your PIN NUMBER fast enough, try again.
  5. Thought you were getting away with this one, not, FORGOT PASSWORD.
  6. You’ll encounter the dreaded “forced PASSWORD CHANGE” at some point in 2019.
  7. The Post-it that had your new PASSWORD glue dried up, it fell to the ground and the cleaning crew threw it out. PASSWORD RESET time.
  8. Where’s my TOKEN? I can’t find my TOKEN. Where’d I put my TOKEN?
  9. After a quick review of your social media a hacker knows your first car was a Mustang, rendering your ability to activate CHALLENGE RESPONSE – KNOWLEDGE BASED QUESTIONS useless. And…he also knows your favorite pizza topping is pepperoni!
  10. Your good friend accesses their phone using their fingerprint, then they sign-in to their laptop with their fingerprint, then you see them log onto countless websites and apps with a touch of their finger. Next you see them opening padlocks, bicycle locks and more all with the Power of a Touch.
  11. Bet you’re just glad that you didn’t exit this Blog at #9.

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