With the current climate calling for companies to adopt a remote workforce model, operational challenges are inherent.  One of the critical challenges is managing the cybersecurity aspects of off-premise workers.

Positive identification and strong authentication set the framework for secure access to company records and customer data.  BIO-key provides that foundation through our best in class fingerprint biometric authentication solutions.

A remote work environment exposes a company to several immediate threats:

BIO-key compact fingerprint scanners are trusted by the federal government, financial institutions, insurance carriers, remote call center organizations, education, retail, and manufacturing to deliver strong authentication and secure access to websites and apps.

EcoID, SideSwipe, and SidePass (MSRP $39.99) have been tested and qualified by Microsoft to support Windows Hello by providing secure but convenient one-touch access.

For organizations that want more than just secure access to the device, BIO-key’s ID Director for Windows interfaces with Active Directory to deliver strong MFA for signing into corporate networks and applications secured by Active Directory.  WEB-key, the company’s premier biometric software engine, delivers biometric authentication to custom applications while supporting most traditional authentication methods.

If you’re concerned about the cybersecurity of your remote workforce contact us today.




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