A Tested and Proven Solution for Large Scale ID Programs

Vector Segment Technology™ (VST) provides the most accurate and scalable fingerprint-based biometric identification capability available today.

During NIST testing, VST achieved the highest overall ranking in key accuracy metrics among commercially-available products. And in actual large-scale implementations around the world, VST with Intelligent Image Indexing™ (I3) is storing and matching against millions of real fingerprint templates accurately and rapidly every day.

Plus, VST supports devices from every major fingerprint scanner manufacturer and provides complete reader interoperability, so you can deploy devices that are best suited for the specific environments.

VST’s advanced minutiae and fingerprint vector-based algorithms extract more fingerprint data for superior accuracy. BIO-key’s I3 technology enables performance speed exceeding millions of matches per second without degrading accuracy.

VST provides support for FBI, NIST, ANSI, BioAPI, and ISO fingerprint standards. Fingerprint templates can be generated in an open format for use by another fingerprint biometrics solution at any time, giving you and your customers’ investment protection.

Flexible and Scalable Identification for Any Solution

VST’s flexible server-centric architecture makes it easily adaptable to highly customized applications, and the VST software development kit (SDK) provides all the tools you need to incorporate authentication at any point(s) in the application workflow of virtually any new or existing application. The SDK includes libraries, application program interfaces, device drivers and sample code to rapidly integrate fingerprint vector image capture, fingerprint vector image quality assurance, fingerprint vector template extraction, and fingerprint vector template matching and searching routine. The SDK includes optional user interface applets that make enrollment and authentication simple and convenient by providing visual feedback during the capture process. Administrators have complete control over the user interface, so users never perceive it as a separate system. VST also provides template database support, including adding and deleting templates and user look-up.

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