3 Levels of Biometric
Authentication Solutions

Level 1: Securing Access to the Device

The easiest way to introduce yourself or your organization to biometric authentication is by using on of BIO-key’s compact fingerprint scanners.  The scanners cost just $39.95 and are easy to install and use.  SideSwipe, SidePass and EcoID are all native to the Windows Hello biometric sign-in platform.  Simply enroll and then sign-in to the device with a touch of your finger instead of a password or PIN.


Level 2

Level 2: Secure Access to Windows Applications – Biometric Sign-in Integrated with Active Directory

Many organizations want more than just device sign-in capabilities and some want to add a layer of multi-factor authentication. If your organization is operating on a Windows Platform, BIO-key’s ID Director for Windows, integrates with your Active Directory to provide biometric authentication, enabling one-touch instant access to your Windows applications. Raise the bar on security, reduce the number of password resets and add the convenience of one-touch instant sign-in with ID Director for Windows.

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Level 3

Level 3: Secure Access to your Custom Applications and Websites – Supports Other Authentication Methods

WEB-key 4.0 is a sophisticated biometric authentication engine which supports other traditional methods of authentication, such as passwords, PINs, tokens, proximity cards, and knowledge based – challenge response questions; making it an ideal option for multi-factor authentication. WEB-key offers the flexibility and interoperability to support most platforms and devices. Tested by NIST and trusted by leading financial services organizations, the Fortune 500 and the federal government, WEB-key 4.0 helps you reduce risk, secure online assets, and protect the brand.
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