Biometric Authentication Technology for Medical Device & Data Management Solution Providers

Executive Summary

A large medical device and data management company that serves customers in over 100+ countries tested BIO-key technology to address the challenge of managing passwords and password resets.

The company employs a diverse workforce including executives, managers, supervisors, administrators, factory workers, transportation workers, and part-timers.

  • Initially, they intended on testing and deploying biometric authentication for a portion of their workforce.
  • Upon seeing the positive impact BIO-key had on work flow, they expanded the deployment to include additional departments.
  • The reduction in password resets and the time saved through work flow improvements are two core benefits of BIO-key’s technology.
The company operates in a highly regulated industry, therefore they needed a NIST compliant solution.
As a 24/7 operation, they did not want to interrupt work flow.
The company had no previous experience using biometric technology.
How Product Helped
The BIO-key support team created a flexible deployment strategy to keep the operation moving forward.
Replaced the static of e-Signatures with one-touch authentication.
Reduced the number of password related help desk calls
Enhanced security and work-flow across the organization
Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans
Streamlined a process which had called for 30 e-Signatures
Improved workflow reducing the cost of operations
Boosted workforce morale and production who "preferred" the ease-of-access when signing on with BIO-key vs. the previous method

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