Meet: Christopher Hoey

chris hoey

As BIO-key’s Cloud Architect, Christopher Hoey is responsible for leading the cloud infrastructure team in building out a modern, scalable platform that delivers value to customers globally. With over 10 years in software development, and 5 years in cloud systems, Christopher has worked with startups and big companies alike to craft elegant and secure software solutions with a strong emphasis on UX principles, and a focus on the cutting-edge. In 2014, Christopher worked as part of CIT’s accelerator team, a small R&D team assembled to drive innovation within the company, where he designed and implemented various software patterns that streamlined their development lifecycle. In 2017, he served as Head of Infrastructure for a UX focused startup where he designed, built, and managed a SaaS infrastructure used by millions globally. Christopher has also engaged in various consulting projects across a wide range of verticals including security, medical, and non-profit.

Christopher holds a BS in Computer Science from Framingham State University and enjoys engaging in a wide variety of areas in the field throughout his career and hobbies, including web, mobile, security, machine learning, and game design.

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