Manny Alia is Chief Executive Officer and partner of Chesapeake Global Advisors, LLC, which provides transformation consulting services to Corporations and Public entities in Africa and the Caribbean. Prior to CGA, Mr. Alia served as an Executive Director in JPMORGAN Bank in New York. With an annual budget over $100MM, Manny was head of Receivable Operations in the Corporate and Investment Banking in United States and Canada. His department was responsible for Government and Corporate client’s payments processing. His department processed payments for Government, Healthcare and Insurance clients. The department processed over 100,000,000 items and a deposit of over $700B per year with a staff over 1000 employees. As head of Receivables Operations, Manny performed and was responsible for many tasks including: development of overall roadmap to enhance ICR/OCR accuracy, ICR intelligence recognition and OCR optical character recognition.

Manny also acted as Program Manager for Data Integration: this involved the coordination of system standardization and system to system mapping for KYC.

Manny was also a Senior Vice President at JPMORGAN CHASE Consumer bank in Detroit, MI, New York, New Jersey, responsible for over 100 branches operations including sales and P&L management. He received his Undergraduate degree in Accounting from Southeastern University and Master’s degree in Business Administration from Cornell University. At JPMORGAN, Manny was both Global Chair of BOLD (Black Organization for Leadership Development) and a steering committee member of BLF (Black Leadership Forum) respectively. Manny was also a Corporate Advisory Board member at NABA (National association of Black Accountants), member of Leadership Montgomery and a fellow at the American College of HealthCare Executives.

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