Bluetooth TouchLock


Introducing the Biometric of Things™

BIO-key has been developing and delivering advanced fingerprint biometric hardware and software solutions since 1993. The company's technology is trusted by the FBI, AT&T, NCR and leading hospitals across the U.S. In 2015, BIO-key introduced a line of compact fingerprint readers (SideTouch, SideSwipe & EcoID) that have been tested and qualified to support Windows Hello.

Now BIO-key introduces consumers to TouchLock™ a line of smart padlocks and bicycle locks empowered by fingerprint and Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth Smart
Padlock XL

BIO-key TouchLock BT XL

TSA Approved
Smart Luggage Lock

BIO-key TouchLock TSA

Smart Padlock

BIO-key TouchLock Designer Series