The challenge of securing online access for manufactures is unique.

CISO’s and IT Directors responsible for developing a safe security infrastructure struggle with traditional authentication solutions, some of which were put in place, long before online enterprise security became a top priority.

Most common passwords are extraordinarily burdensome and don’t provide the level of security necessary to protect company assets. IT departments are burdened by password resets. Company-wide resets disrupt workflow, and create static for the individual end user, as they are forced to learn a new pattern for signing-on. Impromptu reboots can be even more disruptive and burdensome because they occur at random times and most always interrupt the workflow of the IT department.

According to the Gartner, between 20% to 50% of all help desk calls are for password resets.

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Our premier software product, WEB-key, provides biometric sign-in to “custom” files and applications. WEB-key is a preferred choice for multi-factor authentication because it supports all other the traditional authentication methods, including passwords, PINs, tokens, prox cards, and knowledge-based – challenge response questions.

Beyond online security, BIO-key delivers process and workflow improvements. Many organizations are using BIO-key to authenticate employees at product manufacturing checkpoints. BIO-key is a supplement to the eSignature process. Organizations are using BIO-key to eliminate the static and disruption associated with authentication methods that inhibit process flow.

BIO-key offers organizations cost-efficient solutions to secure online access and create audit trails. BIO-key’s line of compact fingerprint scanners for manufacturing, supported for Windows cost roughly 50% less than most commercial grade fingerprint scanners, and BIO-key software is priced to scale and offered as a SaaS service, therefore its affordable for most every organization. BIO-key customer deployments range from 20 users to over 1 billion, so we are accustomed to providing cost-effective, scalable solutions for all types of customers across all industries.

Manufacturing Security Challenges

Many manufacturers are restricted by security compliance, yet they still lack a cybersecurity plan or process and are at risk. In 2017, data breaches hit a record high, especially in the manufacturing industry. In the manufacturing industry alone, there have been 620 separate data breaches, which represents 40% of all data breaches in 2017 (1,579). Find out more about regulations and initiatives intended to minimize risk for manufacturers and how BIO-key’s solutions for multifactor authentication in manufacturing help eliminate the uncertainty.

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