Business Initiatives

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Business Initiatives

Cloud Migration

The move to the cloud has been underway for quite some time with many organizations now adopting a “cloud-only” approach. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations find themselves accelerating their adoption timeline. This migration creates a need for cloud-native security products and capabilities.

The right business identity and access management systems can accelerate the adoption of cloud – with benefits including lower TCO, tighter security, and no maintenance concerns for your team to be worried about.

BIO-key supports the “cloud-only” approach, as well as hybrid, and on-premises with our flexible deployment options. 

Eliminate Passwords

As we move to the cloud, expand our “tech stacks” to support our business, and interact with customers and employees in a digital way – more an more passwords are required. For example, with every application, a new login, set of credentials, and password can be introduced without a solution in place.

Preventing user complaints about having to remember multiple passwords is an objective in many organizations. With multiple web applications being accessed, IT staff often struggles to manage multiple user repositories while the help desk continues to receive more password-related tickets.

With BIO-key’s identity and access management systems you can eliminate password prompts and give users a single secure point of access to all their applications.

Remote Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the hand of many organizations to suddenly support remote working, and as the effects linger, some organizations are extending remote working approaches. From a cybercriminal’s perspective, this is a fabulous trend since it greatly expands the list of places to attack, many of which have fewer cybersecurity protections than traditional office buildings, e.g., consumer-grade home routers, open wireless networks, and fewer device-level protections.

Unless organizations act decisively to reduce the expanded attack surface with remote working arrangements, cybercriminals will direct future attacks toward these weaker links. And finally, given the mass disruption to employment and future uncertainty over career prospects as a consequence of the COVID health pandemic, some employees are likely to seek greater financial certainty through fraud and other malicious activities against their employer. 

BIO-key offers multiple identity and access management system options when it comes to enforcing stronger security and multi-factor authentication.

Improve User Experience

In this new decade that has begun with COVID-19, customer, and employee interactions are more remote, mobile, virtual, and distributed, and this will become part of the fabric of society.​

Focus on digital experience is more important than ever – memories, emotions, and feelings that customers take away are ultimately what matters most ​- with experience becoming the reason why someone buys or doesn’t buy your product. Your experience is your competitive differentiation and a new phase of economic value creation​.

But what happens when you increase security? Often the security goals of your IAM strategy may get in the way of delivering the ideal experience.

BIO-key offers flexible self-service identity and access management options to reduce friction on the user and overhead for the help desk.

Enterprise Security

Securing the network and access to data is a top priority for enterprise customers.  The password was once the chief security officer of online access but has proven vulnerable, thanks to its ability to be shared, lost, stolen or easily hacked.  Other associated traditional forms of authentication have stepped in to fill the security void caused by passwords.  Proximity cards have proven costly and tedious.  Entering PINs and tokens, while secure, negatively impact workflow and challenge-response questions are less reliable thanks to all those social media postings.   According to many, the future is biometrics. 

There’s a reason that more and more organizations are investing in biometric authentication solutions.  Biometrics is proved to provide a pure form of identity, without carrying forward the challenges that are inherent with passwords or the tedium, risk, or cost associated with the other traditional methods. 

Use BIO-key’s world-class biometric platform to make sure biometrics is integrated into your business identity management strategy.

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