PortalGuard IDaaS offers a cost-effective cybersecurity solution for MSPs and MSSPs, providing high levels of security without breaking the budget. With PortalGuard, organizations can benefit from enhanced authentication flexibility, improved user experience, and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). 

To cater to the specific needs of MSPs and MSSPs, PortalGuard introduces the IDaaS Admin Panel, a comprehensive management tool. This streamlined interface, known as the “single pane of glass,” consolidates all PortalGuard reports, eliminating the need for additional logins and allowing for easy data aggregation and visualization across multiple customer instances. 

A Robust Platform to Drive Revenue & Support Your Operations 

Developing and implementing an IAM strategy can be complex and demanding. However, the challenges are further compounded when the IAM solution itself is difficult to integrate, configure, and manage. This not only burdens administrators and IT users but also hinders the completion of simple tasks. Consequently, valuable time is wasted, and overall costs escalate. 

To alleviate these challenges, PortalGuard provides the following benefits: 

Workflow Efficiency – Manage all associated organizations from one consolidated interface, optimizing resource usage and operational efficiency. 

  • Available anywhere: PortalGuard can be accessed from any web browser on desktop or mobile devices, enabling remote access and enhancing convenience. 
  • Enhanced Admin Panel: The improved Admin Panel allows you to allocate resources effectively, minimize time spent on infrastructure management, and reduce overall downtime. 

Use Case Flexibility – Experience unparalleled flexibility across your organization and a centrally configured deployment point. 

Resource & Cost Management – Manage specific license usage and organizational subsidiary projects to manage and determine deployment costs accurately. 

Why PortalGuard IDaaS for MSPs and MSSPs? 

By leveraging PortalGuard IDaaS, you can effectively implement a zero-trust model in your MSP platform and streamline passwordless deployments. This will not only enhance authentication capabilities but also improve operational efficiency. The best part is that you can optimize your budget by customizing licenses to align with specific projects and usage patterns within your organization. With PortalGuard as your single vendor for products and support, you can ensure the security of your customers while driving profitable growth for your MSP business. 

Comprehensive Range of Options: PortalGuard offers the most comprehensive range of options for multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), and self-service password reset (SSPR). It is also the only platform that provides Identity-Bound Biometrics for authenticating user identities. 

Centralized Security Policies: The award-winning PortalGuard platform consolidates security point solutions under centralized security policies. This saves time and expense for your customers, as you can fast-track deployment of new PortalGuard services with our IAM platform and services strategy. 

24/7 Customer Support: PortalGuard provides unparalleled customer support, combining product knowledge with IAM expertise, ensuring you get the most out of your solution. Act as the ‘PortalGuard Admin’ and become your customers’ single point of contact for support.  

Revenue Growth: Capitalize on market demand and the growth of MSPs by selling PortalGuard. The platform’s low TCO makes it affordable for any budget, and additional financial benefits contribute to increased revenue. 

Resources and Support: With BIO-key, MSPs don’t have to manage their IAM strategy alone. Free training and enablement, including sales and pre-sales training and support, are provided to help MSPs succeed. 

Cybersecurity “Quick Win”: Implementing BIO-key PortalGuard is a cybersecurity “quick win,” allowing MSPs to enhance their cybersecurity posture with existing resources. 

An Enhanced Admin Panel Experience

Core Features & Capabilities

The PortalGuard IDaaS Admin Panel offers an intuitive experience for administrators, enabling efficient user management single sign-on integrations control, configuration of security policies, and more– all within a unified platform. 

Simplify Admin Tasks

Access all managed organizations and their associated configurations from a single interface. 

Eliminate Multiple Logins

Inspect and modify organizational configurations conveniently through a single login via the PortalGuard IDaaS Admin Panel. 

Consolidate Reporting

Manage and access all existing PortalGuard reports from a centralized location, minimizing the need to log in separately to each PortalGuard instance. 

Gather Usage Metrics

Gain insights into customer usage patterns through comprehensive metrics. Administrators can easily filter data based on specific customers, date ranges, and time units (daily or monthly). 

Provide Additional Security Layer

Leverage the unique security capabilities of Identity-Bound Biometrics to enhance your multi-factor authentication (MFA) strategy.

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