PortalGuard IDaaS is built to provide the highest levels of cybersecurity without the budget-breaking cost of most top-tier solutions. With PortalGuard, organizations can enjoy better authentication flexibility, user experience, and lower TCO (total cost of ownership).  

To better cater to the specific needs of MSPs and MSSPs, PortalGuard presents the IDaaS Admin Panel, a comprehensive management tool. This streamlined interface, known as the “single pane of glass,” consolidates all PortalGuard reports and negates the need for additional logins, effectively aggregating and visualizing data across multiple customer instances. 

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A Robust Platform to Drive Revenue & Support Your Operations 

Developing and implementing an IAM strategy is already challenging enough. Having an IAM solution that is difficult to integrate, configure and manage can burden admins and IT users, making it difficult to complete simple tasks. As a result, valuable time is wasted, and overall costs increase. PortalGuard solves these crucial issues by: 

Workflow Efficiency – Manage all associated organizations from one consolidated interface, optimizing resource usage and operational efficiency. 

  • Available from anywhere – can be accessed from any web browser on any device, desktop or mobile, and remote access. 
  • Enhanced Admin Panel allows you to put resources where they matter most, waste less time managing infrastructure, and reduce overall downtime.  
  • Granular insight into your organization’s departments and respective usage (e.g., Human Resources Department using tokens). 
  • View and modify each organizational configuration from a single login point via the newly enhanced PortalGuard IDaaS Admin Panel. 
  • Reduced downtime response and quick identification of potential issues.  
  • Monitor customer usage metrics with the capability to filter data by customer(s), date range, and time unit (daily or monthly). 
  • Apply for licenses according to specific projects/usage. 
  • Allowance of internal monetization of global licenses promotes more significant revenue by enabling subsidiaries to determine their costs. 

Why PortalGuard IDaaS for MSPs and MSSPs? 

With PortalGuard IDaaS, implement a zero trust model within the MSP platform and facilitate passwordless deployments, enhancing authentication and operational efficiency while getting the most out of your budget by tailoring licenses to specific projects and usage within your organization. You can keep your customers secure and with products and support from a single vendor, helping your MSP offering to grow your business profitably with PortalGuard.

Most comprehensive range of options for MFA, SSO, and SSPR. It is also the only platform to offer Identity-Bound Biometrics to authenticate “who you are.” 

Single, award-winning platform aggregates and consolidates security point solutions under centralized security policies. This saves time and expense for your customers, as you can fast-track deployment of new PortalGuard services with our IAM platform and services strategy.

Unparalleled, 24/7 customer support that combines product knowledge with IAM expertise ensures you get the most out of your solution. Act as the ‘PortalGuard Admin’ and become your customers’ single point of contact for support.

Capitalize on market demand and MSP growth to help increase your revenue by selling PortalGuard. Other financial benefits, such as low TCO, make PortalGuard IDaaS affordable for any budget.

With BIO-key, you don’t have to manage your IAM strategy alone.  Your team will get the resources you need to succeed: free training and enablement, including sales and pre-sales training and support.

Implementing BIO-key PortalGuard is a cybersecurity “quick win” as it helps you evolve your cybersecurity posture with your existing resources.

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An Enhanced Admin Panel Experience

Core Features & Capabilities

For administrators, the PortalGuard IDaaS Admin Panel provides a simple administrator experience that empowers admins and IT users to efficiently manage users, control SSO integrations, configure security policies, and more, all in one place. 

Access all managed organizations from a single interface.

Inspect and modify each organizational configuration from a single login via PortalGuard IDaaS Admin Panel.

Manage all existing PortalGuard reports from a central location without having to log in separately to each PortalGuard instance.

View metrics of customer usage. Admins can easily filter data based on customer(s), date range, and unit of time (daily, monthly).

Tap into the one-of-a-kind security of Identity-Bound Biometrics to complete your MFA strategy.

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