Platform Services

Customize. Build. Integrate.

Whether you're an enterprise with organizational complexities or a developer looking to add authentication to an app - our expert team can help with our identity and access management solutions.

Tailored Authentication

Working with any configuration of applications, authentication protocols, and platforms, our expert professional services and development team will develop an identity and access management solution adapted to your environment and delivered within the framework of our standard software products, including ongoing technical support.

Our services model is vastly different from that of the consulting and professional services firms that develop and deliver solutions like custom software code that must be maintained and supported by the customer. 

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User Provisioning

Manually creating and managing individual user profiles, account privileges, and group memberships require time, especially as users require access to more applications than ever. This can prevent a smooth new employee or customer onboarding from happening, putting pressure on the IT team.   Our provisioning services help take the pressure off of IT’s shoulders by automating the process of providing users with access only when it is necessary. This helps to prevent any security gaps and provides users access in a secure and private process.

For Developers - APIs & SDKs

At some point, when teams are building a new application, you will have to make the key decision to "build vs. buy". There is a lot of pressure to get your project completed on time, but often times it is hard to determine what the right identity and access management solution is for your app and whether you should do it yourself or lean on a vendor. By leveraging our flexible, open APIs and SDKs you can quickly build IAM into your latest project.