Rapid changes and new operating models can quickly introduce risk and challenge your traditional approaches and OT cyber security.

Challenges in Manufacturing

With major changes happening, including the rapid expansion of cloud computation and automation, CISO’s and IT Directors responsible for developing a safe security infrastructure struggle with traditional authentication solutions, some of which were put in place, long before online enterprise security became a top priority.

Operational Technology Access

As more and more Operational Technology (OT) devices are connected to IT networks for improved operational efficiency, the risk of cyber attack increases. These systems and the access they require often challenge standard security approaches that now have to be adapted. Flexibility and customization are needed for you to be able to manage these devices and the access to it.

Speed Lessens Security

Manufacturing organizations have had to quickly reconsider the locations of their supply chains and overall business operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But speed also lessens cyber security for manufacturing and if these changes and production are implemented too quickly, infrastructure could be inadequately secured. It is important to have an IAM strategy and solutions that are able to keep up with the pace of change.

Protecting Vast Amounts of Data

With manufacturing becoming a key target for cyber security attacks, the vulnerability often lies in organizations believing that they’re not likely targets because they don’t hold vast amounts of consumer data. However, the core of the manufacturing industry is changing to become more connected than ever; there is more data to protect and compliance regulations to meet with cyber security strategies. For example, with the creation of connected cars, the vast amount of data being collected now needs to be managed and secured with OT cyber security.

Customer Success

Global medical device company ICU Medical has expanded the use of BIO-key International’s biometric authentication to streamline the check-in process for employee training programs and to automate FDA compliance recordkeeping.

Product Recommendations

Multi-factor Authentication

Integrated with biometric options, positively identify everyone who has a hand in the process.

Multi-factor Authentication

Self-service Password Reset

Self-service reset & recovery options prevent help desk calls.

Self-Service Password Reset

Single Sign-on

Access multiple applications with a single set of credentials.

Single Sign-on

Half of the companies surveyed reported that they were aware of a data breach or cyber attack involving their computer systems or networks over the previous 12 months, including 11% that had experienced a major intrusion.

SIKICH, 2019 Manufacturing and Distribution REPORT

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