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Imagine having the wisdom of a +20-year-old company, but the enthusiasm and innovative spirit of a start-up?


Imagine having a suite of products that have been tested and proven by the likes of the federal government, federal technology evaluation groups, Microsoft, Fortune 500 customers, and demanding consumers. 

Known for revolutionizing the market landscape with its access management and biometric identity solutions, BIO-key continues to grow the company’s footprint of products designed to enhance security and workflow for enterprise customers around the globe. 

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Our VP of Strategy/Compliance and CLO, Jim Sullivan, spoke with Benzinga about Identity-Bound Biometrics (IBB), and how it’s different than ordinary biometrics, and where IBB is best used.

BIO-key Chairman and CEO, Michael DePasquale joins the podcast, Rush to Reason and talks about who BIO-key is, how cyberattacks are impacting businesses, and how to people protect themselves.
The interview starts at 25:39 and ends at 40:14.

Our Executive Director in EMEA, Alex Rocha, spoke on Capital Radio on October 10th, 2022 about the arrival of BIO-key International in Spain and the advantages of biometrics in cybersecurity.
The interview is in Spanish.

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