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Imagine having the wisdom of a +20-year-old company, but the enthusiasm and innovative spirit of a start-up?


Imagine having a suite of products that have been tested and proven by the likes of the federal government, federal technology evaluation groups, Microsoft, Fortune 500 customers, and demanding consumers? 

Known for revolutionizing the market landscape with its access management and biometric identity solutions, BIO-key continues to grow the company’s footprint of products designed to enhance security and workflow for enterprise customers around the globe. 

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Grand Rapids Community College Selects PortalGuard to Secure Application and Data Access Across All Campuses

New York-Based Orange Bank & Trust Company Selects BIO-key’s PortalGuard® Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) Access Management Platform with Biometrics to Secure Network and Data Access Across All Branch Locations

BIO-key Chairman and CEO, Michael W. DePasquale talks to Michael Murray from Benzinga about the history of BIO-key, where BIO-key plays a role in multi-factor authentication, and how authentication will play a large role in organizations in the future!

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