Self-Service Password Reset

Stop help desk tickets from adding up.

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We all forget our passwords and supporting an entire user base who needs help remembering those passwords can be taxing for IT departments of all sizes – especially on the administrative side of things. Most studies show that the cost of password resets can range from $25 to $75 per incident and account for around 30 percent or more of help desk and service desk calls.

To provide ultimate flexibility and ease-of-use, PortalGuard’s self-service password reset (SSPR) solution functions seamlessly across all points of access, for both browser-based access and via the desktop with PortalGuard Desktop. Whether an employee is at the office, at home or on the move, PortalGuard SSPR has the answer to streamline your IT help desk process, remove stress on your users, reduce costs and strengthen password security.

Self-Service Password Reset Demo

Enjoy this brief demo of PortalGuard’s Self-Service Password Reset capabilities then visit our Sandbox to try it out for yourself.

Northeast Iowa Community College experienced a >90% reduction in password reset calls after implementing PortalGuard.

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Key Features

Multi-factor Authentication

Strengthen the security of self-service password reset with multi-factor authentication. The user, and only the user, can reset the password at a moment’s notice with their choice of verification method – including Identity-Bound Biometric authentication methods.

Challenge Question & Answer

Challenge or security questions can be customized and set depending on your needs, including the ability to prevent repeat or duplicate answers.

Batch Import User Data

Data can be batch imported into PortalGuard to eliminate the need for users to enroll information themselves. For example, many of our customers import answers that new users must answer to securely set their initial password. This is much more secure than relying on “formulaic” default passwords.

Centralized Architecture

PortalGuard has an integrated self-service infrastructure where user information like cryptographically hashed challenge answers and OTP token information is stored on a central server. There is no need to enroll on multiple machines – just enroll once and the user account is good to go!

Identity Federation & SSO

Integrate PortalGuard for identity federation and single sign-on capabilities. Through identity federation, PortalGuard provides users with the ability to manage and reset a single password that is usable, strong, and secure, and use that password to gain access to various applications.

Active Directory (Azure AD) Password Management

Users can securely reset their current password for Active Directory or SAML-enabled applications right from the desktop. Password policies, privileged access management, password expiration, and password quality can all be customized and enforced to fit the needs of your organization.


Password Management

IT can configure password management rules, such as complexity, expiration, and SSPR requirements using one set of centralized security policies.

Remote Reset Requests

Your IT team can secure remote logins and help defend against credential-based attacks by verifying the identity of the user resetting a password.

SSPR Flexibility

All SSPR actions can be completed from any browser or the desktop while users are both online and offline.

Flexible Self-Service Options

The PortalGuard Self-Service Password Reset solution is a complete, flexible solution that provides users with access to a wide range of self-service functionality that ultimately reduce cost, save time and strengthen security for end users going through the password reset process:

  • Password Reset / New Password / Change Password 
  • Password Recovery  
  • Account Unlock  
  • Offline Password Recovery  
  • End User Registration  
  • Forgotten Username Lookup  

“Forrester Research determined that large organizations spend up to $1 million per year on “PortalGuard has significantly reduced help desk calls related to account lockout and password resets. This product has alleviated security issues that we had prior to implementing.”

Curtis Chiuu, Principal Systems Engineer, City of Sacramento

Easy Administration

Auditing Dashboard

Real-time activity reports provide a snapshot of the most recent PortalGuard activity with out-of-the-box reports including:

  • Self-Service Usage
  • Login activity
  • Account Lockouts
  • Web SSO activity

auditing dashboard sspr self service password reset

Help Desk Console

Easy to use interface for help desk staff to assist users and perform account actions

Verbal Authentication

Allows the help desk to authenticate a user who is calling in for assistance

Consistent User Experience

PortalGuard provides the same interface and functionality across Windows and Mac desktops, as well as in a web-based portal – minimizing the initial learning curve and promoting user adoption.

For Windows

Users can have access to self-service directly from the login screen, or by using the Ctrl+Alt+Del shortcut when already logged in. This functionality removes the need to access an alternate machine/kiosk or login with a guest account in order to reset or change a password.

For Mac OS X

PortalGuard gives the user a secure way to reset their password for Active Directory or SAML-enabled applications right from the Mac desktop. It allows password reset to multiple login points and even enables Mac Keychain Password Recovery.

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