Single Sign-on

Create a better user experience while increasing security & ROI

Preventing user complaints about having to remember multiple passwords is an objective in many organizations. With multiple web applications being accessed, IT staff often struggles to manage multiple user repositories while the help desk continues to receive more password-related tickets.

Solve these issues, and streamline access for users by eliminating multiple password prompts with PortalGuard’s Single Sign-On (SSO).

Single Sign-on (SSO) Demo

Enjoy this brief demo of PortalGuard’s Single Sign-On capabilities then visit our Sandbox to try it out for yourself.


Seamless Access to All Apps

Streamline the login process to improve productivity while reducing user frustration and password fatigue.

Lower IT Costs

Reduce help desk calls and free up time for IT to focus on other tasks which enhances ROI.

Increase Security

Implement more demanding policies and stronger authentication methods, such as biometrics, to heighten protection without impeding your users.

“Our users love the single sign-on experience and our Help Desk loves the reduced phone calls and self-service portal. The company support is outstanding! When it comes to authentication these experts know what they are doing.”

Systems Administrator @ Grand View University

Any Application. One Authentication.

PortalGuard enables secure, frictionless access to applications so your end users can work more efficiently. With out-of-the-box integrations, providing SSO to all of your applications is fast and simple – even the “difficult-to-integrate” ones.

Key Features

SSO Concierge – Seamless Access to Thick Client Applications

Traditional thick client applications, or thick client apps, are difficult to integrate into existing Single Sign-on (SSO) solutions with their external identity stores and lack of support for common identity federation protocols. PortalGuard SSO ConciergeTM eliminates the additional login and seamlessly passes credentials to thick client applications on the user’s behalf, improving productivity for users and the IT team.

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Identity Federation

Easily store user identities in popular cloud platforms, such as Azure AD, and also authenticate your users on those platforms. With identity federation, PortalGuard gives users the ability to use that single password to then gain access to various applications.

Directory Support

Seamlessly integrate PortalGuard to multiple directories including Microsoft Active Directory & Azure AD, IBM iSeries, LDAP-compliant directories, and custom SQL user repositories.

Kerberos SSO

Give a “true SSO” experience for users on domain-joined workstations. They do not need to manually login to PortalGuard and can receive SSO based on the identity used to authenticate into Windows (and AD domain-joined Macs).

SAML Identity Provider (IdP)

PortalGuard’s SAML IdP acts as a SAML-based portal that uses a single set of credentials for the portal login itself, and then grants access to the rest of your pre-registered web-based accounts. For example: Outlook Web App (OWA), Office 365, BlackBoard, Canvas, Google Apps, Moodle, Salesforce and various cloud-based applications are all easily integrated by using the SAML protocol.

Multi-factor & Adaptive Authentication

PortalGuard can easily be configured for numerous multi-factor authentication methods, including industry-leading biometric authentication – vastly increasing the strength of the central login.

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Self-Service Password Management

Using SSO offers a seamless way to give users the ability to unlock their account, enroll answers to challenge questions, reset or recover their forgotten passwords, and manage their mobile device for use in alternate or multi-factor authentication.

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A Customizable Experience

Full customization makes it easy to give users a consistent, branded, familiar experience to access all their applications, from any device.

Real Time Reporting

Real-time activity reports give you a snapshot of the most recent PortalGuard activity with out-of-the-box reports including:

  • Web SSO activity
  • Login activity
  • Account Lockouts
  • Self-Service Usage

Standards Support

Open standards are the basis for identity federation solutions and are essential to enabling interoperability between unique identity systems, web resources, organizations, and vendors. PortalGuard supports modern identity federation standards to help you meet your requirements for all user access scenarios.

For more information about the different types of SSO protocols visit the Types of Single Sign-on Protocols page.

Supported Standards:

  • SAML 2.0
  • WS-Federation
  • OAuth 2.0
  • OpenID Connect 1.0
  • CAS 3.0+

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