It’s time to rethink your strategy for protecting data and securing your workforce.

Challenges in Government

Government agencies seek to offer their employees and the citizens they serve secure, reliable, and advanced technology. However, with accelerated changes brought on by COVID-19, such as remote working and the need for cloud computing, government agencies are needing to rethink traditional methods.

Expanded Attack Surface Due to Remote Workforce

The migration of many workers out of the office and into remote locations has caused government agencies to have to rapidly adapt. At the same time, it exponentially expanded the attack surface for cybercriminals. The bad guys know how valuable federal, state, and local government data is, so they go after the personally identifiable information in tax records or disrupt entire networks in an extortion attempt. It is important to secure access with strong authentication methods, including biometric authentication, that still make it easy for workers to gain access.

Protecting Your Data

From federal to state and local agencies, cyber attackers have dug up citizens’ private information through every level of government.  While the government stores far more data than the private sector, a challenge is that it is often kept on older, more vulnerable systems. These vulnerable systems can be difficult to integrate into your IAM strategy without the right solution with the right level of flexibility.

Election Security

While election security has improved tremendously since 2016, many of the same concerns and vulnerabilities still exist. Cyberattacks in this area target multiple parts of the election process, including trying to influence the minds of voters through communications which distribute misinformation. There is a lot of pressure for the organizations responsible for putting on our elections, tallying the votes, and recording the results to improve security. With so much at stake, it is critical to secure access to election management systems, election night reporting systems, and voter registration databases using biometric authentication security.

Product Recommendations

Government agencies turn to BIO-key to increase security with multi-factor authentication to enhance workflows, meet compliance requirements, and reduce risk. Our NIST-tested, award-winning software is the government biometric authentication security system that’s trusted by the FBI, US Courts, and international government agencies.

Multi-factor Authentication

Make sure you can positively identify the user, even when they are remote.

Multi-factor Authentication

Self-service Password Reset

Self-service reset & recovery options prevent help desk calls.

Self-Service Password Reset

Single Sign-on

Access multiple applications with a single set of credentials.

Single Sign-on

Ransomware is the main way municipal assets are attacked. What’s more concerning than the growing number of attacks, however, is the increase in how much bad actors demand in ransom. Average ransom demands rose from a monthly average of $30,000 to nearly half a million dollars, with the total monetary value of ransom demands reaching into the millions.


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