Please ensure your Windows computer is up to date with Windows Updates, as new device drivers may be blocked if you are not current. See Control Panel and Updates for status.

  1. Plug in the fingerprint reader to a USB port
  2. Drivers should automatically download from Windows Update and install
    1. Monitor the System Tray in the lower right for messages of installing and complete
    2. You can confirm the drivers are installed by checking the Control Panel Device Manager for the biometric device
  3. If drivers fail to download, you can get them from the Microsoft Update Catalog
    1. Install the drivers, use Control Panel Device Manager to update drivers and point to the downloaded driver files


  1. Go to user Accounts off the start menu (Windows 10), or control panel Biometrics (Windows 7)
  2. Select Sign In Options
  3. Assure a PIN is set, as that will allow a biometric to be used
  4. Select to Enroll a Fingerprint, and follow prompts to enroll
    1. You may enroll more than one finger, but enroll only one finger per enrollment pass
  5. Proceed to use your Fingerprint or PIN to log in to your Windows system
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