Hardware Devices

High-quality. Compact. Affordable.

Offering a wide range of hardware options use BIO-key as the single solution provider of your software and hardware authentication requirements.

Fingerprint Scanners

BIO-key offers a variety of Microsoft-qualified Windows Hello USB scanners that can be used out of the box with Windows Hello and Windows Hello for Business, or for use with our biometric identity and access management solutions, as one of many supported brands of scanners.

Fingerprint Scanners

Additional Hardware Devices

FIDO-key Security Keys

BIO-key’s FIDO-key security keys are compatible with the FIDO2 and WebAuthN standards for easy and secure online authentication. These keys boast plug-and-play technology and are compatible with major platforms including Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. All tokens store an infinite number of cryptographic keys and are high-quality, durable, and even waterproof. With FIDO-key, customers and organizations have a selection of cost-effective options for online authentication.

All-in-One POS Terminal

BIO-key MobilePOS Pro is a handheld, all-in-one, smart POS machine, with an inbuilt FBI-certified fingerprint module for biometric identification and verification. Developed for the payment industry, BIO-key MobilePOS Pro is capable of meeting various transaction purposes, but also suits diverse user scenarios, such as microfinance, SIM registration, inventory management, and more.
MobilePOS Pro