Civil & Large-Scale Identification

Efficient and accurate regardless of scale. 

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Many civil and large-scale applications will require biometrics-based recognition systems. However, with the increased use of biometric identification in many real-time applications, the challenges for large-scale biometric identification are significant both in terms of improving accuracy and response time with many of the SDKs and point solutions available today. 

BIO-key WEB-key is an efficient, accurate, and highly scalable biometric identity platform that supports civil and large-scale biometric identification applications for multiple operating systems and applications.

Why BIO-key

Our customers are a who’s who of government and commercial customers who rely on BIO-key’s NIST-tested algorithms, FBI-certified fingerprint scanners, and high-integrity biometric recognition system platforms to deliver a secure identity to their citizens and customers.



Industry leading design for high accuracy levels and low to zero false acceptance rates.



Fast identification creation and matching.



Able to handle large databases with user volumes in the 100s of millions.

“We are moving forward as a collaborative partnership, including BIO-key as a named party and provider of technology in our current contracts to deliver secure identity solutions to the Nigerian market. We are delighted to work with the innovative team at BIO-key and to pursue this growing market together.”

Anthea Arnasalam, Chairwoman of TTI

Large-Scale Identity Applications

A proven and reliable means to verify identities, a biometric recognition system is an identity-securing technology that is used in many domains such as border controls using machine-readable passports, healthcare, voter identification, and restricted access areas.

  • Passport and visa documentation 
  • Border control 
  • Voter registration and election monitoring systems 
  • Credit card transaction control 
  • Crime scene investigations 
  • National Identity Enrollment and Verification
  • Agency Banking for the Financial Inclusion of unbanked and underbanked populations

Key Features

BIO-key’s civil and large-scale identity solutions are based on WEB-key, BIO-key’s award-winning, and standards-based central biometric management platform. WEB-key automates and manages the entire lifecycle from biometric identity creation, deduplication, identification, logging, reporting, distribution, backup, and retention management.

enrollment onboarding


BIO-key offers customizable workflows for onboarding, supporting document capture and ID scans, webcam photo capture, as well as integrated optional enrollee consent management obtaining informed written consent prior to biometric enrollment in compliance with GDPR, Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, and local data protection regimes for commercial operators. All enrollment functions, including web-cam and document scanners, are web- and thin-client capable, supporting all modern browsers. For even more flexibility, BIO-key supports over 40 USB and device-integrated fingerprint scanners interchangeably, and server configuration controls allow restrictions on what readers are allowed for enrollments (e.g. FBI PIV scanners only). Optionally, duplicate enrollment detection may be conducted in real-time at enrollment, detecting a duplicate enrollment before the enrollee departs the enrollment encounter.

standards based credentialing

Standards-based Credentialing

WEB-key is MINEX and PIV Level 1 certified, allowing the creation, export, import, and matching of standards-based templates for exchange and on-card storage scenarios. After enrolling an individual, their standards-based templates can be accessed via secure APIs, allowing simplified credential creation. WEB-key supports ISO and ANSI MINEX template exchange formats.

identity duplication

Identity Deduplication

BIO-key’s platforms create high-speed indices of enrollment data, allowing real-time duplicate detection at enrollment, or offline batch duplicate/alias searches. Scrubbing a dataset for uniqueness is a core competency of BIO-key’s platform, allowing an operator to proceed with a scrubbed data set holding unique individual identities.

Supporting Multiple Teams

For the security and IT teams

For cybersecurity and IT pros, WEB-key features patented security of data at rest and in motion, supports unlimited size multi-tenant populations with individualized policy management, and streamlined web-based enrollment and identification functionality that is completely reader independent and interoperable.

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For the legal team

For your legal team, WEB-key meets all data privacy compliance requirements and features unique end-to-end integrity assurance to detect and thwart any attempts to manipulate or tamper with data during or after transactions. Comprehensive biometric and data privacy law compliance support includes features such as integrated consent management and simplified contact aging reports, plus bulk deletion and de-identifying capabilities. State of the art user interface customization supporting HTML5 allows for an integrated look and feel for branding and personalization. Runtime policy configurations allow for faster sprint deployments yet offer runtime configuration flexibility.

Supporting Identification Projects From Around the Globe

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