BIO-key has committed to reducing our carbon footprint by implementing a comprehensive sustainability program. We implemented state-of-the-art Video Conferencing capabilities, which has cut our company air travel by over 50%. Additionally, our adoption of digital document signing and sharing has reduced our paper waste by 30%. Over 70% of BIO-key work hours are telecommuted, reducing carbon emissions, and BIO-key encourages the use of electric vehicles among its workforce. All BIO-key biometric authentication product packaging is manufactured with 100% recyclable materials. Our marketing platform includes email marketing campaigns, digital banners and online webinars, all consistent with our ecofriendly approach. When attending trade or industry events we make a conscious effort to deliver marketing collateral in digital formats – rather than traditional print. BIO-key’s telecommunication system is VOIP, avoiding the need for cables and other non-recyclable products.

BIO-key products also play a key role in supporting a healthier environment. Our biometric hardware and software solutions allow organizations to replace plastic proximity cards and blood donor ID cards in the healthcare arena. BIO-key is also used by thousands of students – replacing traditional student ID cards. Additionally, BIO-key biometric fingerprint software is used in thousands of retail stores as employees use their biometric to access cash draws – replacing plastic swipe cards.

BIO-key gives back to the community too. The company regularly participates in fundraisers, sponsors little league activities and BIO-key employees have volunteered as coaches of recreational youth sport programs. BIO-key promotes good health, as BIO-key’s healthcare coverage plan rewards employees for attending the gym 50-100 times per year. To learn more about our various environmental and community efforts, be sure to contact us online today!

BIO-key's sustainability program

As a publically traded company with customers that include the federal government, healthcare organizations, educational institutions and the Fortune 500, BIO-key is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards for our fingerprint authentication software company. All employees are subject to a background check, including fingerprinting and going through the E-Verify federal employment screening process.

BIO-key products build trust and the company positions trust as a key attribute of both our products and our conduct.

Our business practices and decisions are based upon ethical practices. We will not participate in any business transactions that would not be considered standard or out of the ordinary. We don’t accept payments from partners or customers other than those derived from the sales of products or services.

We honor human rights and believe in equality at all levels. Our business practices are unbiased and impartial with a focus on sound business decisions. BIO-key conducts business around the world and welcomes the opportunity to support the need for strong security for all of our customers.

BIO-key maintains a safe working environment at each of our locations. Conscious of OSHA and other safety regulations, BIO-key offices and operations are organized, well maintained and extremely safe environments to develop, create, sell and administer.

We promote and provide a harassment free workplace. Employees are coached on harassment policies and healthy communication and are required to maintain a professional demeanor at all times. BIO-key has a zero tolerance policy for harassment at any level in the workplace.

BIO-key manages our resources diligently and maintains accurate business records which are posted on the company website and available for public viewing.
We protect sensitive information for our employees, partners and vendors. We do not trade or disclose non-public information.

We comply with the laws for international trade.

BIO-key is committed to the satisfaction of our customers and to develop and deliver the highest quality biometric authentication hardware and software products possible.

We market with responsibility and stand behind our messages and claims. We compete aggressively, but fairly with ethics at the forefront. We will never compromise our core beliefs to win a project or customer. We obtain business intelligence appropriately and use it in appropriate manners.

We believe in responsible citizenship and giving to the community. We believe in supporting green policies and taking actions to support the environment. We prefer to align with vendors and partners that embrace sustainability programs and practices.

BIO-key supports and engages with responsible and ethical business partners.

We communicate openly and honestly with the media.

BIO-key standards of business conduct

BIO-key is committed to environmental protection. Our biometric fingerprint software products reduce customer’s reliance on plastic and paper identification cards, in favor of using their ecofriendly biometric. BIO-key hardware products are manufactured to specifications about 50% the size of our competitors, reducing companies use of plastic and enabling millions of customers to do the same.

The BIO-key Environmental Policy includes these core values:

BIO-key health and safety program

BIO-key believes it’s our duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees and other people who might be affected by our business.

BIO-key stresses safety in all aspects of the job, this means making sure that workers and others are protected from anything that may cause harm, effectively controlling any risks to injury or health that could arise in the workplace.

BIO-key safety training classes teach employees the recommended course of action in the case of an accident or incident or emergency. Employees are consulted on who, where and what to do in the case of extraordinary circumstances.

The company offers a complete healthcare program, including vison and dental for all full-time employees. Our healthcare insurer offers employees special rebates for attending the gym 50-100 times per year.

Employees who feel that there is any threat to their safety or health while working, are encouraged to contact the companies HR department.

BIO-key vender sustainabilty program

BIO-key is committed to green processes in support of a healthy environment and community. We have instilled policies to insure that all of our employees understand the value of the company’s Sustainability Program. BIO-key conscious awareness includes reducing our carbon footprint, reducing our reliance on paper and plastic and decreasing travel through our telecommuting program and state of the art video hosting capabilities.

BIO-key encourages and prefers engaging with vendors that are also committed to the environment and support green policies by having a sustainability plan.

Part of BIO-key’s Sustainability Program includes efforts to optimize communications with clients electrically, via telephone, Skype and teleconference; reflecting in a reduced carbon output for our fingerprint authentication company.

Every vendor partnership with BIO-key includes a discussion about how both parties can work together to reduce waste and maintain a safe and healthy environment.