Retail and Consumer Goods

With access to customer records and high employee turnover, you need to be able to identify the person completing each transaction.

Challenges in Retail

Retail organizations are challenged with finding a way to secure access for a wide variety of users; For owners, general managers, department managers, supervisors, and staff. Not to mention for customers who engage with your business online and have high expectations for the experience they’ll receive. All of these groups continue to introduce the organization to different, but somewhat similar inherent security risks.

Managing High Turnover

A challenge faced by most retailers is high employee turnover.  Due to turnover, retail organizations are constantly introducing new users to their online portals, cash registers, POS systems, and customer records. Organizations with employees that are required to work in a shared workstation environment are particularly at risk of employees sharing credentials with or without their intention. Positively identifying each unique user is key to knowing who is actually accessing the system.

Retail Security vs. Customer Satisfaction

With pressure from data processing regulations today, companies have to focus more on retail security and loss prevention than customer satisfaction. But how do you balance that against customer satisfaction being a competitive differentiation for the business? With security measures and authentication methods that work with your workforce and customers, not against them.

Privacy and Compliance

Once retailers start processing data, such as customer information or payment processing, they have to start complying with multiple regulations. For retailers working in the European market, a big challenge is complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation requires so many security measures that a lot of retail store owners fail to understand how serious it is. Often, that’s due to the difficulty of updating legacy systems to comply with the GDPR.

Product Recommendations

BIO-key’s retail cybersecurity and biometric access control solutions help retailers reduce risk by associating all activities and transactions on the device to the actual individual that was responsible.

Multi-factor Authentication

Positively identify each individual with over 15 authentication methods to choose from.

Multi-factor Authentication

Self-service Password Reset

Self-service reset & recovery options prevent help desk calls.

Self-Service Password Reset

Single Sign-on

Access multiple applications with a single set of credentials.

Single Sign-on

NCR is one of BIO-key’s premier customers in the retail space. Our relationship with NCR has grown over the past 7+ years. We provide NCR with our biometric authentication software, which is then embedded within their marketing leading POS system and used by thousands of Fortune 500 customers nationwide. NCR customers using BIO-key, take advantage of the convenience of one-touch authentication, and have thrown their prox cards back in the draw.

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