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Ensuring Identification of Every Transaction Participant: Managing Customer Records and High Employee Turnover 

Challenges in the Retail Industry 

In the dynamic landscape of the retail industry, organizations face a multitude of challenges when it comes to securing access for diverse user groups – from owners and general managers to online customers. As customers increasingly engage with businesses online, their expectations for a seamless and secure experience further amplify the need for robust security measures. Recognizing these challenges and addressing them effectively is crucial to safeguarding your business and maintaining customer trust. 

Strengthening User Identification in a High Turnover Environment 

High employee turnover poses a significant challenge for retailers, as it constantly introduces new individuals to various critical systems, including online portals, cash registers, POS systems, and customer records. This challenge is particularly pronounced in shared workstation environments, where the risk of unauthorized credential sharing becomes even greater. To mitigate this risk, establishing a comprehensive system for positively identifying each unique user is paramount. By implementing reliable user identification measures, retailers can gain clarity on who exactly is accessing their systems, thus enhancing security and accountability across the board. 

Prioritizing Retail Security without Compromising Customer Satisfaction 

Ensuring Privacy and Compliance 

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Product Recommendations

In the fast-paced and evolving retail industry, it’s crucial to have strong cybersecurity measures in place to safeguard sensitive data and mitigate risk. BIO-key offers cutting-edge retail cybersecurity and biometric access control solutions designed to address these challenges effectively. By associating all activities and transactions on devices with the responsible individuals, retailers can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access or fraudulent activities. 

Multi-factor Authentication

BIO-key’s solutions provide over 15 authentication methods, enabling retailers to positively identify each individual accessing their systems. From biometric factors like fingerprint recognition to hardware tokens and smart cards, retailers can choose the authentication method that best suits their needs, ensuring enhanced security and accountability.

Multi-factor Authentication

Self-service Password Reset

With self-service reset and recovery options, BIO-key’s solutions empower retailers to minimize help desk calls related to password issues. This feature allows employees to independently manage their passwords, saving time and resources while maintaining security protocols.

Self-Service Password Reset

Identity-Bound Biometrics

IO-key’s Identity-Bound Biometrics offers a passwordless authentication solution that utilizes biometric data, such as fingerprint recognition, to create a unique biometric identity for each individual. By implementing IBB, retailers can enhance security and accountability by positively identifying each person accessing their systems. 

Identity-Bound Biometrics

NCR is one of BIO-key’s premier customers in the retail space. Our relationship with NCR has grown over the past 7+ years. We provide NCR with our biometric authentication software, which is then embedded within their marketing leading POS system and used by thousands of Fortune 500 customers nationwide. NCR customers using BIO-key, take advantage of the convenience of one-touch authentication, and have thrown their prox cards back in the draw.

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