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Phoneless. Tokenless. Passwordless.

Mobile devices and hardware tokens do not solve for every use case. With Identity-Bound Biometrics, you can go passwordless – no phones or hardware tokens required.

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1,000,000+ Active Users
25+ Years of Experience
16+ Supported Authentication Methods
<2 Seconds to Positive Identification

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The BIO-key Platform

The BIO-key platform is a flexible identity and access management solution integrated with Identity-Bound Biometrics.

Identity-Bound Biometrics

Use our world-class Identity-Bound Biometrics platform to streamline access and secure identity for your enterprise.

Identity-Bound Biometrics


PortalGuard access management provides flexible options to meet your security goals and deliver an optimized user experience.


MobileAuth™ con PalmPositive™

Secure, fast, contactless access from any device for multi-factor authentication and password-free workflows. MobileAuth with PalmPositive uses a simple palm scan as a form of identity-linked biometrics that confirms that you are who you say you are with the highest levels of integrity, availability, security, and accuracy.

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Fred T. | Sr. Web Admin, Education Management

“We have close to 100 applications that are integrated with PortalGuard. These are internal and external applications. We can set up SSO with almost any application in a few minutes. PortalGuard has been a great partner for many years”

Anderson F. | CIO, Education Management

“We’ve been using this solution for a year now and wish we’d made the switch sooner.”

Curtis W. | IT Admin, Higher Education

“We have different countries logging into embassies around the world so they can upload information and we need security. We are very happy with our world portal arrangement using PortalGuard.”

The BIO-key Difference

BIO-key offers the simplicity and flexibility required to secure the modern digital experience for all users. Backed by decades of expertise, BIO-key has a proven track record of successful Identity & Access Management (IAM) project delivery and strong customer relationships.

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Identity-Bound Biometrics

Our industry-leading Identity-Bound Biometric technology and world-class algorithm can quickly and accurately identify an individual from a database of 100,000+ in under 2-seconds. We have outstandingly low False Reject Rates & False Acceptance Rates.

Flexible Options

With flexible options for single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, self-service password reset, directories, identity providers, and more, our solutions can easily be configured to support any IAM strategy.

Platform Services

Our professional services model offers customized solutions specific to your security requirements but delivered within the framework of our standard software products, including ongoing technical support.

Affordable Pricing

We designed our pricing to be affordable and simple to understand, making it easy to budget and achieve measurable ROI in less than 90 days.

Feature Parity Across the Cloud

We believe technology should adapt and change to your security requirements – not the other way around. With >95% feature parity across our SaaS, hybrid, and on-premises deployment options, the choice is yours.

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Business Initiatives

BIO-key has solutions that can help your business support a variety of different initiatives.

Cloud Migration

Organizations are accelerating their cloud adoption timeline and requiring cloud-based IAM solutions to maintain security.

Eliminate Passwords

Passwords continue to be a prime target for cybercriminals and we all struggle to remember them.

Remote Workforce

The ongoing trend to support remote workers was rapidly accelerated for many organizations in 2020; planned or unplanned, this presents obvious security concerns.

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Integrations & Partnerships

Become part of the partner ecosystem that is revolutionizing identity and access management solutions.

Channel Alliance Partner Program (CAPP)

"PortalGuard has significantly reduced help desk calls related to account lockouts and password resets. This product has alleviated the security issues we had prior to implementation."

Curtis C., Principal Systems Engineer, City of Sacramento

"PortalGuard is a very flexible authentication tool that we can use to fit almost any use case."

Phil S., Infrastructure Engineer, Hershey Entertainment & Resorts

"BIO-key provided us with an easy way to implement two-factor authentication while maintaining roaming profiles for our users. Setup was easy and BIO-key worked with us to answer any questions or issues."

Jennifer E., Network Security Specialist, Collier County SOE

"PortalGuard provides our students, faculty and staff with a convenient self-service password management system. Easy to set up and run, and their customer support is very responsive."

Terry, Dalton State College

"We have been using PortalGuard for over a year and it works great! It works just as well as other products on the market but at a much more affordable price!"

Sal, Sentinel Benefits

"PortalGuard is the easiest and fastest two-factor authentication product I've ever worked with to implement."

Robert, Sheetz

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