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Compelling Event - Repsonse Plan

Don't let a compelling event drive your biometric solution. Let biometric solutions prevent a compelling event.

Compliance For Highly Regulated Industries

Meet state and federally regulated compliance requirements with a trusted biometric solution.

Multifactor Authentication for Your Organization

Authenticate in an instant with a touch of your finger; security and convenience in one.

Preventing Data Breaches

The fallout from a data breach can wreak havoc reduce risk across the organization with biometric authentication.

Securing Shared Workstations

Unauthorized access to workstations puts your business at risk.

Supporting Traditional Authentication Methods

Our software supports all traditional authentication methods.


3 Levels of Biometric

Authentication Solutions

Device Sign-In

An easy and affordable way to introduce biometric sign-in to the organization.

Windows Apps

Reduce the organizations reliance on passwords and the drain of password resets.

All Websites, Files & Apps

A robust authentication engine enabling biometric authentication to any website, file, or custom app.

Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Taken.

Select an industry and see how our technology has made a difference.

Case Study:

Gulf International Bank

Gulf International Bank B.S.C. (GIB) was established in 1975 and commenced operations in 1976. GIB was researching multifactor authentication solutions to meet compliance requirements for two factor authentication. The guidelines were put in place by New York State Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Law: Section 500.12 Multi-Factor Authentication Compliance Effective Date: March 1, 2018.

Our Expertise

  • BIO-key introduced the organization’s banks located in New York, and in need of a two-factor compliance solution, to ID Director for Windows.
  • The implementation at the New York location was deemed a success by branch management.

Case Study:

Insurance Industry

Deploying Biometric Authentication to Address Security and Privacy concerns in the Insurance Industry. A leading provider of Life Insurance contacted BIO-key with the intention of introducing a strong multi-factor authentication solution for a small segment of their workforce. Our goal was to deploy BIO-key’s EcoID a compact fingerprint sensor that supports Windows, for 3,000 employees.

Our Expertise

  • BIO-key provided a finger print authentication solution that has a track record of not being compromised.
  • BIO-key instant one-touch authentication enhanced work flow by saving time and provided a better customer and end user experience.

Case Study:

MedTech Industry

A medical device and data management company that serves customers in over 100+ countries tested BIO-key technology for managing passwords and password resets. The company has a diverse workforce including executives, managers, supervisors, administrators, factory workers, transportation workers, and part-timers.

Our Expertise

  • Initially, they intended on testing and deploying biometric authentication for a portion of their workforce.
  • Upon seeing the positive impact BIO-key had on work flow, they expanded the deployment to include additional departments.

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