Trusted Biometric Solutions for Secure Access

Government agencies, globally, seek to offer their employees and the citizens they serve secure, reliable, and advanced technology. Government agencies, also, require enhanced security,  performance, and accuracy for authentication, and identity management.

BIO-key’s NIST tested, award-winning software is the biometric authentication platform that’s trusted by the FBI, US Courts and international government agencies, including Nigeria, where we provide a layer of biometric authentication to support the country’s national SIM card program.

BIO-key software is interoperably supporting multiple platforms, most devices, and over 35 different fingerprint scanners for government. Government agencies turn to BIO-key to increase security with multifactor authentication, enhance workflow, meet compliance requirements and reduce risk.

BIO-key offers several products that enhance security and performance, and accuracy for authentication and identity access management for Government agencies.

Our compact fingerprint scanners for Windows have been tested and qualified by Microsoft to support Windows Hello biometric sign-in.  SideSwipe, SideTouch, and EcoID are all native to the Windows Hello biometric sign-in application.  They’re easy to install and easy to use.   Once installed, you no longer need to enter a PIN number or password to sign-in to the device.

BIO-key’s ID Director integrates biometric authentication with Active Directory, providing both security and convenience for IT managers and end users.  ID Director allows administrators to assign a fingerprint authentication option for users and reduces the burden of managing passwords and password resets.  Users appreciate the speed and agility offered by one-touch instant sign-in.

For government agencies that require a higher level of security to protect custom files, applications and websites, BIO-key’s WEB-key is a premier biometrically-based authentication engine that supports all traditional authentication methods, including passwords, PINs, tokens, proximity cards, and knowledge-based – challenge response questions.  WEB-key offers customers a secure and convenient solution for single sign-on or multi-factor authentication.

Additionally, if you need a FIPS compliant fingerprint scanner, we offer PIV-Pro.

Product Specifications
Designed for desktops and docking stations
FBI Certified for FIPS 201 (PIV) approved
Supports international and U.S. biometric standards
Durable design for commercial use
IP65 Certified for dust and water-resistance
Authenticate to a device or server or the cloud

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