Doctors and Nurses Authenticate Frequently and Embrace the Convenience of Biometric Sign-in

Healthcare organizations recognize the importance of developing a robust online security platform to protect access to patient records and ultimately to protect the brand.

Multi-factor authentication has become the standard for every organization. Multi-factor authentication strengthens security and is a mandated requirement for the processing of electronic prescriptions.

BIO-key provides leading healthcare organizations with fingerprint biometric software that’s compatible with all the traditional authentication methods, providing a flexible, secure, and convenient multi-factor authentication solution.

Our experience providing biometric authentication platforms across all industries and for the top hospitals in the world offers the comfort and trust to organizations that are new to biometric authentication and want to ensure a seamless and successful transition.

BIO-key provides the active layer of online security that today’s healthcare organizations are seeking and the static free sign-in convenience that doctors and nurses appreciate.

Our ID Director for Healthcare software integrates seamlessly with the organization’s electronic health records (EHR) system to provide a one-touch biometric sign-in.

ID Director’s reporting features include utilization reports, access and endpoint times, and transaction monitoring.

Biometric authentication is recognized as a compliant solution for two-factor or multifactor authentication for EPCS by the State Board of Pharmacy and the FDA.  Doctors and nurses agree that one-touch authentication is a preferred method to maintain fluid workflow and optimize their time.

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