In an industry that has access to customer records and is known for high employee turnover, authenticating the person responsible for the transaction is important.

Leading retail organizations that want to avoid the vulnerability of passwords or reduce the friction of authentication systems that rely on swiping cards or accessing PIN / token numbers are integrating biometric solutions.

When you add BIO-key to your products you:

Increase security

Improve privacy

Add value to the product

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IT departments for retail organizations are faced with identifying authentication solutions for owners, general managers, department managers supervisors and staff.  They are also tasked with identifying authentication solutions that sufficiently manage a more temporary group, their part-timers and those that spend very short times with the organization.  Both groups introduce the organization to different, but somewhat similar inherent security risks.

BIO-key helps retailers reduce risk by associating all activities and transactions on the device to the actual individual that was responsible.

BIO-key biometric authentication solutions are preferred by leading retail organizations because they cannot be lost, stolen, or shared.

A challenge faced by most retailers is high employee turnover.  Due to turnover, retail organizations are constantly introducing new users to their online portals, cash registers, POS systems, and customer records.

Retail—a historically high-churn sector—follows closely behind at 13.0% From

Organizations with employees that are required to work in a shared workstation environment are particularly at risk of employees sharing credentials with or without their intention.

NCR is one of BIO-key’s premier customers in the retail space. Our relationship with NCR has grown over the past 7+ years. We provide NCR with our biometric authentication software, which is then embedded within their marketing leading POS system and used by thousands of Fortune 500 customers nationwide. NCR customers using BIO-key, take advantage of the convenience of one touch authentication and have thrown their prox cards back in the draw.

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