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Knowing who’s accessing company records is critical for every organization and traditional authentication methods are proving vulnerable.  IT leaders are searching for ways to raise the bar on security to reduce the risk of internal fraud.  Multi-factor authentication is one solution.

BIO-key’s biometric authentication solutions have been trusted by industry leaders, the Fortune 500 and government agencies to deliver fast accurate fingerprint biometric authentication, to reduce risk, secure assets, and protect the company brand.

There’s a notion that identity and access management (IAM) platforms are cumbersome or a bit intrusive, yet at BIO-key, we provide transparent authentication solutions that are secure, static free, and user-friendly.  It starts with our world-class biometric algorithm.

Everything about our biometric authentication solutions suite is developed to minimize the friction associated with traditional authentication methods.

Our products eliminate the risk of users losing, sharing, or misappropriating their authentication credentials.

Biometric authentication also offers unprecedented cost efficiency, as there are no cards or tokens to replace.  A single fingerprint enrollment station can serve an unlimited number of users. Furthermore, recent IBM surveys show that user prefers using their biometrics for authentication.

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WEB-key 4.0 is interoperable, providing customers with multiple hardware options to choose from, giving them the ability to mix and match the best products and prices.

WEB-key 4.0 delivers much more than secure access to websites, files and apps, it includes thorough audit tracking and reporting capabilities.

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Ultimately organizations want to integrate security processes they can trust, and BIO-key has a lengthy track record of securing the online infrastructures of banks, insurance companies, call centers, hospitals, schools, retailers, manufacturers, and the federal government.

Whether you’re authenticating to the device, server, or cloud, BIO-key provides robust security and the benefits of one-touch instant authentication.

As the demand for multi-factor authentication to increase security and meet state / federal compliance requirements grows across all industries, customers can rest assured that BIO-key fingerprint biometric technology meets the guidelines for compliant and robust authentication.

Our software operates on most platforms and supports more than 30+ fingerprint readers

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