Deploying Biometric Authentication to Address Security and Privacy concerns in the Insurance Industry

Executive Summary

A leading provider of Life Insurance contacted BIO-key with the intention of introducing a strong multi-factor authentication solution for a small segment of their workforce. Shortly after the initial deployment with fewer than 50 workstations, the company recognized the value of increased security and one-touch authentication could be leveraged throughout the entire organization. The next step was to deploy BIO-key’s EcoID a compact fingerprint sensor that supports Windows, for 3,000 employees.

The company wanted to address the vulnerabilities and inconveniences of passwords and password resets.
The company did not have experience or a complete understanding of biometric technology solutions.
The company is responsible for securing customer data and protecting their brand.
How Product Helped
BIO-key provided a fingerprint authentication solution that has a track record of not being compromised.
BIO-key instant one-touch authentication enhanced work flow by saving time and provided a better customer and end user experience.
BIO-key solutions measurably reduced the friction associated with entering passwords and measurably reduced the number of help-desk calls for impromptu password resets.
Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans
The result has been a more streamlined authentication process for the entire organization.
There is less drain on the IT department, thanks to a reduction in password resets.
The outcome; after participating in a demo of BIO-key's software, ID Director for Windows, the client is considering its implementation across their entire security infrastructure.
"It has worked well. Deployment and user training was done with ease."
- Current BIO-key International Client

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