Due to Federal initiatives such as the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Election Security Grant, several election boards have begun to implement
multifactor authentication technologies to increase security and prevent election tampering. Collier County Supervisor of Elections chose fingerprint biometrics as a preferred option to strengthen internal security and reduce risk.

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Customer Success Case Study

This 2-page Case Study discusses how the Collier County, Florida, Supervisor of Elections uses BIO-key products and software to increase security without inhibiting workflow.

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  • Affordable Way to Use Election Security Grant Funds to Enhance Cybersecurity

  • Strongest Form of Authentication

  • Multifactor Authentication

  • Prevent Password Resets

  • Prevent Password Lockouts

  • Easy to Implement and Cost Effective


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BIO-key’s EcoID is one of the only fingerprint scanner devices on the market today to pass Microsoft’s rigorous accuracy and security testing qualification process.

ID Director for Windows

As a Microsoft Partner, BIO-key’s ID Director fingerprint authentication software is customized to deliver one-touch biometric authentication in your Windows and Active Directory environment.


PIV-Pro is BIO-key’s highly accurate FIPS 201 compliant scanner, providing best in class biometric fingerprint authentication for our government and healthcare customers.