In order to be compliant with today’s regulations, security auditors suggest that banks focus on securing internal access to customer data by implementing a “strong” multifactor authentication solution. First National Bank of Long Island decided against complex passwords and instead chose biometrics as a preferred option for their multifactor authentication.

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Customer Success Case Study

This 2-page Case Study explores how The First National Bank of Long Island uses BIO-key products and software to reduce complex passwords and strengthen their cybersecurity.

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  • Alternative to Complex Passwords

  • Strongest Form of Authentication

  • Multifactor Authentication

  • Prevent Password Resets

  • Prevent Password Lockouts

  • Easy to Implement and Cost Effective


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PIV-Pro is BIO-key’s highly accurate FIPS 201 compliant scanner, providing best in class biometric fingerprint authentication.

ID Director for Windows

As a Microsoft Partner, BIO-key’s ID Director fingerprint authentication software is customized to deliver one-touch biometric authentication in your Windows and Active Directory environment without the burden of a cumbersome or intricate integration.