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Simplifying Access Management to Put You Back in Control

PortalGuard® IDaaS provides flexible single sign-on and authentication options to meet your security goals and deliver an optimized user experience.

“PortalGuard is a robust platform. Its stability and continued enhancement and support have exceeded our expectations.”

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An Award-Winning Platform

We are honored to receive awards and recognition for the flexible, powerful identity security PortalGuard provides.

A Secure, Modern Digital Experience

Give users the options and flexibility to make it easy to remain secure while enjoying their digital experience.

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Provide access to a suite of apps from multiple devices without requiring the user to manage numerous, difficult to remember passwords.

Require biometric authentication for a user who is trying to access an application outside of their usual geography.

With one click a user can quickly reset their forgotten password using their fingerprint as their authentication method of choice.

Why PortalGuard?

Flexible, powerful identity security for employees and customers.

For over 20 years, industries such as education, healthcare, finance, and law have chosen PortalGuard as their preferred access management solution.

Single, Unified IAM Platform

PortalGuard is trusted by industry leaders to consolidate solutions and lower the total cost of ownership.

Integrates with Anything

PortalGuard supports nearly every cloud authentication federation standard, all major directories, and a wide variety of authenticators.

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Biometric Expertise and Identity-Bound Biometrics Capabilities

That offer the highest levels of integrity, availability, security and accuracy enterprises require.

Hybrid Environment and Desktop Login Support

To secure all access scenarios and provide SSO to all applications from a single IdP.

Strong Customer IAM Capabilities

Fully supported with self-registration, account management, self-service password reset, and multi-factor authentication.

Affordable, Simple Pricing

That is easy to understand without any unexpected costs.

Fred T. | Sr. Web Admin, Education Management

“We have close to 100 applications that are integrated with PortalGuard. These are internal and external applications. We can configure SSO with almost any application within a few minutes. PortalGuard has been a great partner for many years.

David A. | Vice President and Chief Information Officer

We've been using PortalGuard for nearly a year, and it has worked perfectly for us. It integrates all of our single sign-on (SSO) services onto one page, includes an area for our non-SSO links, includes password reset options for users, and enables us to provide First-Time Users with easy access to all of our secure online services.

Curtis W. | IT Admin, Higher Education

“We have different countries who log into embassies around the world so they can upload information and we need security. We are very happy with our worldwide portal arrangement using PortalGuard.


Configure PortalGuard to meet your security requirements – not the other way around.

Single Sign-On

Create a single point of access that integrates with multiple applications to eliminate the hassle and frustration of multiple password prompts.

Single Sign-On

Identity-Bound Biometric Solutions

Add a layer of security without adding friction to the authentication process with fast accurate Identity-Bound Biometric authentication and support for over +40 fingerprint scanners.

Identity-Bound Biometric Solutions

Multi-Factor & Adaptive Authentication

Choose from multiple authentication methods including Identity-Bound Biometrics, cards, keys, tokens, OTP, knowledge-based questions, and sophisticated passwords.

Multi-Factor & Adaptive Authentication

Self-Service Password Reset

Enables users to complete a seamless, uninterrupted workflow while reducing operational costs related to password resets for the IT team.

Self-Service Password Reset

PortalGuard Desktop

As an optional client-side component, PortalGuard Desktop can be used to secure the desktop login with flexible options for multi-factor authentication, Identity-Bound Biometrics, and self-service password reset.

PortalGuard Desktop


PortalGuard is a very flexible authentication tool that we can use to fit almost any use case.

Phil S., Infrastructure Engineer, Hershey Entertainment & Resorts

Secure All Access

Set unique requirements for individual access and account management to handle all access scenarios, including remote workers.

Exceed User Expectations

Significantly boost user adoption rates, usage and productivity on the services you provide.

Focus on the Big Issues

With easy ways to solve common authentication challenges without the required maintenance and training of other solutions such as hardware-based tokens.

Keep up with Regulations

With higher levels of assurance while still prioritizing the customer experience.

Deployment Flexibility

SaaS, on-premises, and private cloud options make PortalGuard easy to deploy. Select the method that is best for you!

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