PIV-Pro is BIO-key's highly accurate FIPS 201 compliant reader, providing best in class biometric fingerprint authentication for our government and healthcare customers.

PIV-Pro fingerprint sensors are extremely rugged and feature a virtually indestructible sensor prism from the sensor surface to the internal lens and electronic components. This FIPS fingerpint reader features strong, dependable sensors to deliver consistent performance in indoor, outdoor and other harsh environments. PIV-Pro sensors are very accurate thanks to an ultracom pact, patent-pending optic design that produces high quality images resulting in greater precision, less false rejection and acceptance, and better overall performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Perfect for desktops and docking stations
  • FBI Certified for FIPS 201 (PIV) approved
  • Supports international and U.S. biometric standards
  • Durable design for commercial use
  • IP65 Certified for dust and water-resistance
  • Authenticate to a device or server
  • Enhance security and convenience in one
  • 1 year warranty