How can something so small make such a big difference in enterprise security? Find out here.


BIO-key is the world’s leading developer of biometric fingerprint technology. The company was established in 1993 and has been a publicly traded company since 1997.
BIO-key’s high-performance algorithm has been tested by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and consistently achieves top ranking for speed and accuracy.
The company boasts a lengthy list of integration partners, customers, and government projects. BIO-key is revolutionizing authentication.
SideSwipe is part of BIO-key’s authenticating revolution. This new, compact fingerprint reader operates on any device with a USB port.

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With SideSwipe and WEB-key, our enterprise-class security platform, we can provide on device and in the cloud authentication to revolutionize the way you access information.

A password killer.
SideSwipe is small, durable, mobile, and easy to use.

BIO-key’s SideSwipe answers a growing need for strong, multi-factor authentication on current generation devices at an accessible price. The fact of the matter is that we need post-password security now and SideSwipe provides it for any device with a USB port.

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SideSwipe is a highly attractive USB-based fingerprint reader solution that has the ability to make biometric authentication ubiquitous for the end-user consumer market.

SideSwipe will be a catalyst for the utilization for fingerprint authentication.
According to Gartner, 30% of enterprise users will utilize biometrics to identify by the end of 2016.

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This fingerprint USB device appears to be sleek, yet rugged, tiny, yet powerful. It is also at an agreeable price point. With biometric technology poised to play a major role in combating online identity fraud, this device could be a timely addition to the market.

[Michael W. DePasquale]
Enterprise today has two major concerns. Number one is security, but number two is protecting the privacy of their consumers and users. Fingerprint biometrics is a terrific option to eliminate passwords, tokens, cards, and keys that are failing us, and more importantly, provide a more secure, more convenient option for users that protect their privacy.
The National Media has recognized BIO-key. The company has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg News, the Wall Street Journal, and CBS News.
Developing the mobile authentication ecosystem at one innovation at a time. SideSwipe, the next small thing.
Thanks to SideSwipe, you may have entered your last password.

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