BIO-key reduces risk, secures online assets, and protects the brand of our enterprise customers, all with the Power of a Touch.


The power of a touch.
Experience the power of a touch with BIO-key. BIO-key, the leading developer of innovative biometric identification solutions. Introduces a series of compact fingerprint readers that operate on any Windows 10 device with a standard USB port.
SideSwipe, EcoID, and SideTouch have been tested and qualified by Microsoft for use with a new Windows 10 sign in platform: Windows Hello.
These affordable, compact readers enable 350 million Windows 10 customers to leverage their biometrics in a way they’ve never done before. It starts with eliminating the nuisance of entering passwords and PINS and delivers instant access to your device with just a touch of your finger, and it gets even better with BIO-key and Windows Hello.
One touch gets you access to your favorite websites and applications. For our enterprise customers, BIO-key offers enhancements with Active Directory, allowing organizations to incorporate biometric authentication at the Active Directory level.
Banks are using BIO-key readers to secure internal online access to customer information and files. Doctors and nurses that sign-in hundreds of hours per week often on a shared workstation are eliminating passwords and ditching their cards in favor of one-touch authentication. In call centers, where agents share computer access, BIO-key provides a secure online landscape for transactions and the collection of customer data.
All 3 readers offer a simple plug and play technology, connect to the Internet, and drivers come down from Windows updates automatically. Just plug the reader into your laptop or tablet, and it takes just a minute to enroll.
Once you’re enrolled, you can replace your password and experience the enhanced security and convenience delivered by BIO-key biometric fingerprint technology. BIO-key’s best in class solutions are trusted by NCR, McKesson, the FBI, the Cleveland Clinic, and AT&T.
No other fingerprint biometric company serves such a broad scope of industries. Use BIO-key to authenticate employees, members, customers, doctors, nurses, patients, and you.
Try SideSwipe, SideTouch, or EcoID today and unleash the power of a touch.
BIO-key and Windows Hello, the Power of a Touch.

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