Trust BIO-key and SAML 2.0 for secure, one-touch access to all of your favorite SAML-enabled apps, like Salesforce, Gotomeeting, Webex, and more.

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What is SAML?
ID Director for SAML


Did you forget your password again?
Are you tired of password resets and having to remember a different complex password for each web-app you use?
SAML 2.0 already provides the framework for secure single sign-on. Chances are implementing single sign-on has saved you time, money, and enhance security for your company.
Now with just one touch, you can use biometric security to access your favorite SAML-enabled apps.
BIO-key’s ID Director for SAML 2.0 makes SAML even better, allowing you to unlock the added security and safety of biometric technology as part of your multifactor authentication solution.
ID Director for SAML can also integrate with your IAM platform adding trusted and easy to use biometrics to your existing process.
You’re already using SAML, now make it even stronger with the latest biometric technology.
Reduce risk, secure assets, protect the brand, with BIO-key.

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