Passwords alone can’t protect your systems and data the way BIO-key’s fingerprint-based authentication can

WEB-key: Accurate and fast user authentication across the enterprise

WEB-key, from BIO-key International, is the one fingerprint biometric-based advanced authentication solution that:

Advanced Authentication Only When and Where You Need It

With WEB-key, you decide:

WEB-key authentication can replace passwords entirely for all users, reducing user frustration, down time and calls to the help desk. or it can just be:

Built for Today’s Business                    

WEB-key streamlines user authentication in today’s evolving business environment:

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Built for the Enterprise

WEB-key includes software components that reside on each end user workstation or other device and on the target application server, as well as on a dedicated WEB-key authentication server.

Built for the enterprise, WEB-key is:

The Complete Authentication Solution

With WEB-key we package everything you need, including:

Enterprise-level Security

WEB-key protects you – and your users privacy – through:

Return on Investment (ROI)

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(source: Forrester Research, $70/reset).

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Supported Environments
Databases Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL Enterprise, Sybase, and IBM DB2
App Servers Apache TomCat, JBOS, IIS, WebLogic, WebSphere, Cold Fusion, and many more
Interfaces .NET, COM, Java
Browsers Works with BIO-key Authentication for Active Directory

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Our software operates on most platforms and supports more than 30+ fingerprint readers

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