Compelling Event or Recent Security Breach

Customers that experience an internal online security breach need to take action to prevent ongoing occurrences.  Many customers contact BIO-key after what we call a “compelling event” such as an issue with compromised passwords or a rogue employee engaged in damaging or fraudulent activity.  BIO-key is swift to respond to such events, as we work together with your IT team to deliver a secure and timely solution.

One way to prevent a compelling event from happening, is to conduct an enterprise security authentication audit.  Our team of security engineers will conduct a thorough review of your existing authentication platform and create a recommended plan of action, if they encounter any vulnerabilities.

If you’ve experienced a recent compelling event, or you sense that your organization might be vulnerable to a security breach, BIO-key offers a proof of concept, so that you can witness how biometric authentication can address your security concerns.  Adding a simple compact fingerprint scanner that operates with Windows Hello is step one to strengthening online security.

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Highly Regulated Industries

Organizations that operate in highly regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and government require a stronger layer of security.  To protect access to customer / patient records, classified files, and secure applications organizations incorporate a multifactor or two-factor authentication process.

Customers in highly regulated industries rely on BIO-key for several reasons.  Our WEB-key biometrically based software authentication engine supports all traditional methods for authentication including passwords, PINs, tokens, proximity cards and knowledge based – challenge response questions; making it an ideal option for multifactor authentication.  BIO-key operates side-by-side with complimentary authentication methods to provide a layer of multifactor authentication that optimizes security and convenience using our one-touch instant biometric sign-in solution.

BIO-key customers in highly regulated industries include banks, insurance companies, credit unions, hospitals, blood centers, government contractors and the federal government.

BIO-key software is tested by NIST and meets the federal compliance guidelines for multifactor authentication.  BIO-key also offers PIV-Pro a FIPS 201 compliant fingerprint reader to support customers seeking to meet the federal compliance requirements for fingerprint sensors.

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Multi-factor Authentication

A growing number of applications, websites, and online tools are incorporating a multifactor or two-factor authentication requirement to increase security, reduce risk, and authenticate user identity.  If you are operating in a highly regulated industry you are required to have a multifactor authentication solution in place.

With many authentication options to chose from, why has biometric emerged as a preferred solution?  End users prefer the ease and convenience associated with one-touch biometric authentication and organizations value the heightened level of security.  It’s a method that’s acceptable for single sign-in, role based, risk based, or traditional multifactor authentication for enterprise customers.

Our WEB-key 4.0 biometric authentication engine supports traditional methods of authentication such as passwords, PINS, tokens, proximity cards, and knowledge based – challenge response questions.  WEB-key’s ability to operate side-by-side with complimentary authentication methods makes it an ideal option for multifactor authentication.   With WEB-key there are no passwords to remember or reset, there are no cards to swipe and there is no PIN or token numbers to enter and we don’t car what the make of your first car was; just place your fingerprint down and your signed-in instantly using your biometrics.


Workflow – Convenience

The path to profitability is often paved by operational efficiency.  Time management is critical for most organizations and BIO-key one-touch instant authentication enhances workflow by optimizing productivity.  Customers eliminate the static associated with disruptive authentication methods and replace them with BIO-key and the Power of a Touch.  The net result is BIO-key saves customers time while providing enhanced security and audit tracking.  We do this by delivering single sign-in (SSO) or lightening fast multifactor authentication leveraging the user’s biometrics.

Many enterprise customers have processes that require staff to authenticate dozens, sometimes hundreds of times per day.  Passwords, prox cards, PIN numbers, tokens and challenge response questions slow down processes and can be considered tedious by the end user.  BIO-key biometric authentication solutions naturally reduce the friction native to other methods, allowing customers to authenticate instantly with a simple touch of their finger.

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Data Breach


Average number of days attachers reside within a victim’s network before detection


of all network intrusions are due to compromised user credentials


The total potential cost of cybercrime to the global economy


The average cost of a data breach to a company

Some scary statistics about the cost of data breaches, but they don’t address the damage to the brand.One way to reduce the threat of a data breach or cyber attack is to integrate a strong layer of biometric authentication into the organizations security platform.

Passwords and the vulnerability they expose organizations to are a prime component of a data breach. Eliminating or reducing the organizations reliance on passwords is step one in thwarting data breaches. A single compromised password exposes the organization to a potential massive data breach.

BIO-key has been protecting our customers from data breaches and cyber security threats for 25-years. Our WEB-key biometric authentication software engine delivers fast, highly accurate, authentication to the server or cloud. WEB-key was developed to adapt to most any environment and supports all the traditional methods for authentication, including passwords, PINs, tokens, proximity cards, and knowledge based – challenge response questions.

WEB-key customers include the Fortune 500 and the federal government. BIO-key software is tested by NIST and meets the federally mandated compliance requirements for multi-factor authentication.

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Brand Protection

In today’s digitally connected enterprise world there are countless ways to damage the brand.  Data breaches are a primary concern, but there are also other factors that need to be considered.  Identity theft can damage the brand.  Rogue employees can damage the brand.  Theft can damage the brand.

Organizations that prioritize security and accountability rely on BIO-key to deliver a fingerprint  biometric authentication platform that reduces risk, secures online assets and ultimately protects the brand.

We can deliver a strong single sign-in or multifactor authentication and it starts with our biometric software, which authenticates the exact user related to the online activity.  From device sign-in, through accessing websites, files and applications, user activity is tracked using their biometric.  Unlike other authentication methods which can be lost, stolen, or shared with fingerprint biometric authentication we know exactly who, what, and when.

BIO-key customers are located around the globe and span nearly every industry.  We are trusted to protect the brands of highly regulated industries, the Fortune 500 and the federal government.

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