Phone-less. Token-less. Passwordless.

Passwordless has tremendous hype and adoption with 82% of business leaders stating they’re ready and willing to implement a passwordless approach. But not only do the most common passwordless solutions rely on using a single authentication factor but often these factors are based on something you have – such as a hardware token or a mobile device – introducing security risks, usability challenges, and additional costs. There is a better way to go passwordless – no phones or tokens required. 

Passwordless with Identity-Bound Biometrics

Passwordless authentication with Identity-Bound Biometrics uses the person as the credential for authentication. With a simple scan of a finger at any device in any location, it is the safest, most efficient, most cost-effective and most secure option for a range of scenarios and business-critical operations across industries.

Key Benefits


Positively identify the person completing an action with multi-factor authentication (MFA) powered by Identity-Bound Biometrics, ensuring the intended user – and only that user – is accessing a shared or remote system.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce your overall cost by installing just one fingerprint scanner per desktop for a minimal, one-time investment, eliminating the need to purchase multiple tokens or mobile devices.


Deploy a passwordless workflow that fits the unique needs and requirements of your business – including the ability to go passwordless without the use of mobile devices or tokens.

Process Validation

Ensure that only the right people access a system and validate they are the approved individuals completing steps or taking actions within a process or transaction.

Ease of Use

Save countless hours and increase productivity with a consistent, frictionless user experience that’s quick and seamless, requiring just one-touch authentication across every workstation.

Key Use Case Spotlight: Shared Workstations

Shared workstations are critical for many businesses to operate efficiently, but also present security issues. A single workstation is used by multiple people, and oftentimes in unsafe environments like manufacturing floors or where mobile devices are not permitted – like contact centers or certain financial institutions.

In light of a growing threat environment, both auditors and the IT Security Officer of the Orange Bank & Trust company were determined to make the shift away from password-based authentication. However, with shared workstations being a fundamental component of their daily operations, not just any, common solution would fit the bill. Learn how this organization took cyber risks head-on with passwordless authentication powered by Identity-Bound Biometrics (IBB) and avoided unnecessary high costs and security risks. 

The Problem with (Most Passwordless)

Putting your trust in what you have – any sort of device or piece of hardware – does not meet the standards of today’s cybersecurity needs. Unfortunately, most passwordless solutions hinge on exactly that, relying on tokens, devices or phones to execute the authentication process as a single factor. Core challenges with these methods include:

High Costs + Investments

Multiple tokens for each employee or separate mobile devices or data plans are necessary.

Insufficient Security

Trust is based on the device or token – not the actual person completing an action.

Prohibitive Usage

Extra devices prevent employees from completing essential, daily operations.

Ready to Take the Next Step in Passwordless?

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