No phones. No tokens. No problem.  

Present a user’s passkey at any Windows device with just a touch of their finger with Passkey:YOU – FIDO authentication powered by BIO-key’s Identity-Bound Biometrics.

Passkey:YOU is a FIDO-certified Passkey solution that replaces tokens and phones for FIDO2, WebAuthn, and Passkey authentication scenarios with a fingerprint touch on shared USB fingerprint scanners attached to any Windows workstation.  Users don’t need to carry anything with Passkey:YOU – they are the credential. BIO-key’s passkey technology delivers the highest level of security while providing excellent value. Best of all – it can be easily and quickly integrated into existing technology stacks. 

Phones and hardware tokens are simply not the solution for every use case. FIDO authentication doesn’t have to cost a fortune in tokens or BYOD phone subsidies. Whether you need to address shared workstations, roving users, remote users, or passwordless workflows, BIO-key’s Passkey:YOU provides compliance-ready security while delivering an enhanced user experience and excellent value.

Key Benefits

Cost & Efficiency

  • Cuts lifecycle costs by 50 – 70% compared to hardware tokens. 
  • Compliant with standard cyber security best practices required by cyber insurers to avoid increased fees or dropped coverage. 

Flexibility & Familiarity

  • Easy-to-use authentication options when phone-based or token-based methods do not work or aren’t permitted. 
  • One-time enrollment is required to enable access across multiple devices and locations. 
  • Easily integrated into existing tech stacks, systems, applications, and infrastructure. 


  • Centrally managed encrypted enterprise-grade biometrics that are immune to man-in-the-middle and replay attacks. 
  • Pairing passkeys and IBB ensures customers and their end users have the highest levels of security at a low cost of entry, both in terms of deployment and capital. 
  • Eliminates concern around a single point of failure by removing physical devices as potential vulnerabilities (as present with local or device-native biometrics). 

The IBB Difference

How BIO-key Passkey Authentication Sets Itself Apart

It is the only passwordless authentication solution that does not require the use of phones or hardware tokens. 

Enterprise-controlled enrollment prevents unauthorized users and account handovers.

Have an enterprise IDP already? No problem – seamless integration. BIO-key IBB Passkeys can be layered directly into industry-standard IDPs.  

Ready to take the next step with Passkeys?

Passkey Authentication
Ideal Use Cases for Passkey:YOU

Remote workforce

Phone-Free Workplaces

Customer IAM

Supported Methods for BIO-key Passkey Authentication

WEB-key / Biometrics 

WEB-key is a comprehensive, multi-tenant, enterprise IBB management platform built around one of the world’s most accurate and scalable biometrics engines. It has achieved the highest independently tested and verified NIST benchmarks for fingerprint identification speed and accuracy.  

BIO-key MobileAuth™ 

The only multi-factor authentication app to offer Identity-Bound Biometric authentication options. MobileAuth safeguards access to critical data and offers multiple, easy-to-use authentication methods, including palm scanning and facial recognition.  


BIO-key offers a variety of fingerprint scanners in various form factors for use with our IAM solutions, as well as support for Microsoft Windows Hello scanners. 

Fingerprint Scanners

PIV-ProEcoID IIPocket10

POS Terminal: MobilePOS

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