FBI-certified Mobile ID FAP 50 & Live Scan (10-Print) Portable Fingerprint Reader

Introducing Pocket10, the cutting-edge portable fingerprint reader by BIO-key. This compact and lightweight device is designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in the field of law enforcement, military operations, border control, and national ID programs. Certified by the FBI as Mobile ID FAP 50 and Live Scan (10-Print), Pocket10 sets the standard for truly mobile identity management operations. 

Supported Fingerprint Capture Types

Exceptional Performance in Any Environment

Pocket10 is built to withstand demanding conditions, including dirt, extreme temperatures, bright lights, and sunlight. Its rugged design ensures reliable operation even in the harshest environments. This device is resistant to latent fingerprints and can perform flawlessly in various challenging scenarios. With its energy-efficient technology, Pocket10 can run for hours using a smartphone or any other mobile device as its power source. 

Compact and Portable Fingerprint Reader 

Pocket10 is conveniently sized to fit in a shirt pocket, making it highly portable and easy to carry. Its compact design does not compromise performance, offering fast enrollment and verification capture in the 4-4-2 format. This device is perfect for on-the-go operations, providing mobility and flexibility without sacrificing accuracy and reliability. 

Versatile Application and Certification 

Pocket10 has been certified by STQC and NIMC, ensuring its compliance with industry standards and regulations. Its versatility extends to various capture types, including four-finger flat, two-finger flat, single-finger flat, and single-finger rolled. It supports multiple operating systems such as Windows Desktop (32/64 bit), Windows Server, Linux, Android 4.0+, and Java. 

Light Emitting Sensor (LES) Technology 

Featuring Integrated Biometrics’ patented LES technology, Pocket10 offers advanced fingerprint recognition capabilities. It can distinguish between real fingerprints and manufactured ones, automatically rejecting spoofing materials like silicone, glue, and rubber. The LES TFT camera enables Pocket10 to capture high-resolution fingerprint images without the need for sensor cleaning between scans. Additionally, Pocket10 can detect the finger capture that generates the highest quality image, eliminating the need for user intervention. 

Why Choose BIO-key Pocket10? 

Portability: Its compact size allows you to carry it in your pocket, enabling mobile operations and identity management wherever you go. 

Reliability: Pocket10 is built to withstand various challenging conditions, ensuring consistent and accurate fingerprint captures. 

Advanced Technology: With Integrated Biometrics’ LES technology, Pocket10 provides advanced anti-spoofing features and high-resolution fingerprint images. 

Versatility: It supports multiple capture types and operating systems, making it compatible with a wide range of applications. 

Certification: Pocket10 is FBI-certified, STQC-certified, and NIMC-certified, guaranteeing its reliability and compliance with industry standards. 

Energy Efficiency: The device operates for hours using a smartphone or other mobile devices as its power source, offering convenience and cost savings. 

Features & Benefits

  • Compact FBI-certified Mobile ID FAP 50 and Live Scan (10-Print) format 
  • Enables mobile enrollment and verification 
  • No need to clean latent prints in high-volume situations 
  • Unaffected by environmental factors 
  • Anti-spoofing technology that rejects common spoofing attacks 
  • Emits no bright lights during scans 
  • Meets military durability specifications 
  • Extremely low power consumption 
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty 

Product Specifications

  • Sensor Capture Area: 81.28 mm x 50.80 mm 
  • Image Resolution: 1600 W x 1000 H pixels/500 PPI 
  • Power Consumption During Imaging: <300mA at 4.40V to 5.25V 
  • Connection Options: USB 2.0 
  • Capture Types: Four-finger flat, two-finger flat, single-finger flat, single-finger rolled
  • OS Support: Windows Desktop 32/64 bit (7, 8, 10), Windows Server, Linux, Android 4.0+, Java  

*Please note that this product is not compatible with Apple products.


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