Meet: Wong Kwok Fong (Kelvin)

Kelvin has over 30 years of experience in consumer electronics manufacturing, principally phones and PCs. He solely founded a listed company in Hong Kong in 2010, World Wide Touch Technology (WWTT) (stock code: 1282), which generated over USD 100 million a year in revenue with profit gains. In 2015, he brought in a strategic investor who became the largest shareholder of WWTT, and the company was renamed Glory Sun Financial Group. Regardless, Kelvin continues to be one of the major investors of the company. During the same period, Kelvin invested USD 12 million in BIO-key International, Inc and worked with Michael DePasquale (the current CEO) to list the company in NASDAQ (BKYI) in 2015, and agreed to second-round financing (USD 20 million) in 2020 to further enhance BIO-key’s Internet Security Systems. He currently acts as BoD Vice Chairman and managing director for Asia. Kelvin is also an active investor in Asia. He is a substantial shareholder of the Asia Standard Hotel in Hong Kong (stock code: 292).

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