Meet: Mira LaCous

mira lacous

BIO-key International’s Chief Technology Officer Mira LaCous has nearly 30 years of solution development, project/product management and company leadership experience, including more than 20 years in her current role. Ms. LaCous has led and managed software development and product management teams during her career. Mira has successfully brought to market a number of innovative, emerging technologies  including, automated voice response systems, building control systems, software piracy protection, intranet training materials and security testing, graphic page layout and design software, scanning software and systems, authentication security, biometric algorithms, scalable security solutions and more. Ms. LaCous is also the author of six US patented technologies, with most having many international counterparts. She also has served as an officer or director of three companies: National Computer Systems (NCS), TEL-Line Systems and BIO-key International. Ms. LaCous has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics from North Dakota State University.

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