OmniPass Consumer (OPC) can protect user data, solve the problem of multiple passwords and poor password practices (simple passwords that are written down on a notepad) and increase security all while simplifying the end user experience. OmniPass allows a user to encrypt/decrypt data and login to their local PC, home, websites and applications with a fingerprint scanner, or a single password (SSO). This product makes using their PC much more convenient and secure.

Traditional file encryption and decryption utilities encrypt/decrypt files on-demand one file or folder at a time. OmniPass is closely tied to Windows Explorer to provide a better user experience. Users browse to a specific file or folder and right-click to encrypt or decrypt the selected file(s). Encrypted folders are available as regular Windows folders instead of special files. The user can then drag and drop files, view or modify the file contents, and manage encrypted folders just like a normal Windows folder. The user can also assign other users to share individual files or folders. Shared users are granted access to the file or folder after they are authenticated.

System Requirements
Supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
BIO-key EcoID, SideTouch or Side Swipe fingerprint scanners
Browser Support: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Note: The Microsoft Edge browser is not currently supported.
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OmniPass Consumer FAQ

Q. Will the software work on Apple Mac computers?

A. No, OmniPass Consumer is supported on Windows 7, 8.1, 10 operating systems.

Q. What web browsers does OmniPass Consumer support?

A. OmniPass Consumer supports Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox web browsers. Microsoft Edge is not supported at this time.

Q. OmniPass Consumer does not work in Google Chrome and the blue key icon is not visible in the upper left hand corner of the browser Window.

A. Open Google Chrome and in the address bar type chrome://extensions and press enter. Look for the OmniPass Consumer Plugin and click the Enabled check box.

Q. OmniPass Consumer does not work when I use the Firefox browser and the blue key icon is not visible.

A. Make sure the plugin is enabled in the Firefox browser. Click the three horizontal lines in the task bar and then choose Add-ons. Enable the OmniPass Consumer plugin.

Q. Can OmniPass Consumer be configured to save web site credentials automatically without prompting the users?

A. Yes, open the OmniPass Consumer application by clicking on the Softex folder in the start menu, then click the gear icon. Click on the checkbox called “Automatically Remember All My Web Sites” to enable this setting.

Q. What happens if my fingerprint scanner does not work? Will I be able to access my web site credentials?

A. Yes, during the installation of the software, you will be prompted for your Windows password. This password can be used to unlock the vault and access your password information.

Q. What fingerprint scanners does OmniPass Consumer support?

A. OmniPass Consumer supports the following BIO-key fingerprint scanners: EcoID, SideSwipe, and SideTouch. Note: The SideTouch is only supported on Windows 10 operating systems.

Q. How do I delete remembered web sites from My Vault?

A. Launch the OmniPass Consumer application from the Softex folder on the start menu. And then click on the My Vault tab in the application window. From this window, you will be able to delete web sites that are no longer needed.

Q. Can I modify or add a fingerprint to OmniPass Consumer after the software is installed?

A. Yes, Launch the Softex OmniPass Consumer application from the start menu. Click on the setup tab (gear icon) and then click the modify button. Clicking on the + mark in the Add/Remove Fingerprints windows will launch the finger enrollment wizard.

Q. How many fingers should I use when enrolling fingerprints in the solution?

A. BIO-key recommends at least two fingers on different hands. This allows seamless use of the application in the event you get a cut on your finger.

Q. Will OmniPass Consumer work when I have Windows Hello enabled on my computer?

A. Yes, in fact, OmniPass Consumer uses the Windows Hello enrollment information. The two products will work seamlessly together.

Q. OmniPass Consumer did not prompt me for fingerprint after install on Windows 10. Why?

A. OmniPass Consumer software uses the Windows Hello for biometric fingerprint storage. If you have Windows Hello installed and configured at the time of the install, OmniPass Consumer does not need to collect fingerprint information as it already has that information in Windows Hello.

Q. I use OmniPass Consumer on my laptop and I forget my reader. Will I be able to access my password information in OmniPass Consumer?

A. Yes, when the software does not detect a reader connected to your computer, it will prompt you for a password or PIN to access your site information.

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