Identity-Bound Biometrics (IBB)

Flexible Authentication and Biometric ID for all user experiences.

Use our Identity-Bound Biometric (IBB) platform that offers the highest levels of integrity, accuracy, security, and availability. BIO-key's solutions are NIST tested, compliant-by-design, and flexible for all types of users.



A comprehensive multi-tenant enterprise identity-bound biometric management platform built around one of the world’s most accurate and scalable biometric engines.

Why WEB-key?

For Developers

API for WEB-key and biometric solutions to include in your application/environment.

Platform Services


High quality, compact, affordable options.

BIO-key offers a variety of biometric hardware devices including Microsoft-qualified Windows Hello USB fingerprint scanners, all-in-one POS terminals, and FIDO Security Keys.

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Replace passwords with biometrics for all users.

Reduce user frustration, down time, and calls to the help desk, or try one of these hybrid approaches.

Require a simple palm scan using a mobile device, with a password, for remote and on-premises employees, contractors, business partners, and other designated external users.

Use a biometric, such as a fingerprint scan, as a stronger authentication method for access to specific modules or data, or completion of specific sensitive transactions.

Deploy biometrics in specific settings, such as self-service kiosks, retail checkout counters, or patient areas, where the device may be accessed by different individuals.


Nothing to Carry

Roving users can be freed from having to carry something to access shared workstations. Rather than issuing multiple hardware tokens per user or taking on labor law risk with personal phone use, BIO-key allows you to use identity-bound biometrics at shared workstations to let users be their own credential for secure access.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Rather than paying for, provisioning, and field replacing costly tokens to each and every user who might share a small group of workstations, deploy a fingerprint scanner to the workstations and use BIO-key's software-defined identity to make strong multi-factor authentication available to all users at a fraction of the hardware costs.

No Delegation

Account takeovers are a threat, but so are account handovers. If users unwittingly or willingly share their non-biometric Multi-Factor Authentication credential with a third party, then security and governance controls are rendered ineffective. BIO-key allows IT to ensure that only the authorized user accesses systems.

BIO-key provided us with an easy way to implement two-factor authentication while maintaining roaming profiles for our users. Setup was smooth and BIO-key worked with us to answer any questions or issues.

Jennifer E., Network Security Specialist, Collier County SOE


Add a layer of security without adding friction to the authentication process.


Supports individual deployments of WEB-key, can manage individual groups of users separately and scales on multiple dimensions.

Central Policy Management

Configured on the server. Changes can be instantly made and immediately applied.

Commercial Off-the-Shelf & Data Center Friendly

No customization and full technical support make it easy to install and integrate WEB-key.

Flexible User Enrollment & Consent Workflow

Specify what additional non-biometric data will be captured. Server is configurable to specify how many fingerprints to scan.

Flexible Architecture

Works with any browser, built-in, patented secure workflows. Whether web or legacy, .NET or Java, desktop or credential provider, the WEB-key client works with them all.

Full Audit Trail

Complete Audit logging of all actions. Comprehensive records of all logins, record updates and tracking of users’ system and application information.


Scales to meet the needs of the user population from a few hundred users to millions.

Customized User Interface

A simple tool for designing a visually seamless user interface with the same on screen “look and feel” as the target solution.

Admin Tools & Development

Flexible services, administrative tools and connecting APIs, together with an SDK to help you integrate advanced authentication.

Why WEB-key?

Reduce risk, secure assets, and protect the company brand.

Backed by over 25 years of experience in identity-bound biometrics, WEB-key is trusted by industry leaders, the Fortune 500 and government agencies.


Handle the present and what comes next with this flexible, comprehensive solution. Gain experience with customers to handle what they are trying to solve now, and grow with their business as they develop more advanced requirements.

World-Class Biometric Algorithm

By capturing more data, we can quickly and accurately ID an individual from a database of 100,000+ in under 2-seconds. We have outstandingly low FRR (False Reject Rates) and low FAR rates (False Acceptance Rates).


WEB-key has achieved the highest independently-tested and verified NIST benchmarks for fingerprint identification speed and accuracy.

Low Maintenance Cost

Easy to budget and achieve measurable ROI in less than 90 days.

Compliant by Design

Compliant from the beginning. Get consent as part of enrollment workflow, access detailed logging & auditing.

Unbeatable Customer Support

Technical expertise and service directly from WEB-key developers.

Deployment Options

Seamless Integration into Any IAM Platform

IAM platforms are often missing options for users beyond the traditional methods. Add identity-bound biometrics to your existing IAM platform or get it all-in-one with PortalGuard.

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Can be deployed in a public or private cloud for added scalability and reduced on-site IT resource demands.

Supported Environments


Oracle MS SQL MySQL Enterprise Sybase IBM DB2

App Servers

Apache TomCat JBOX IIS WebLogic Cold Fusion




Works with BIO-key Authentication for Active Directory

“One method does not fit all … mobile MFA methods (those using a mobile device) are impractical for up to 15% of employees and 50% of customers.”

Gartner, 2020 Authentication Market Guide

Additional Products

OMNI-PASS Consumer

OmniPass allows a user to encrypt/decrypt data and login to their local PC, home, websites and applications with a fingerprint scanner, or a single password (SSO). This product makes using their PC much more convenient and secure.

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VST’s flexible server-centric architecture makes it easily adaptable to highly customized applications, and the VST software development kit (SDK) provides all the tools you need to incorporate authentication at any point(s) in the application workflow of virtually any new or existing application.

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ID Director for Windows features secure and convenient fingerprint biometric authentication that operates at the Active Directory tier, independent of any endpoint device, as required to support shared workstations and roving users.

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