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Securing the network and access to data is a top priority for enterprise customers.  The password was once the chief security officer of online access but has proven vulnerable, thanks to its ability to be shared, lost, stolen or easily hacked.  Other associated traditional forms of authentication have stepped in to fill the security void caused by passwords.  Proximity cards have proven costly and tedious.  Entering PINs and tokens, while secure, negatively impact workflow and challenge-response questions are less reliable thanks to all those social media postings.   According to IBM, the future is biometrics.

There’s a reason that more and more organizations are investing in biometric authentication solutions.  Biometrics is proved to provide a pure form of identity, without carrying forward the challenges that are inherent with passwords or the tedium, risk, or cost associated with the other traditional methods.

BIO-key fingerprint authentication software solutions have been tested by NIST.  Our fingerprint scanners have been tested and qualified by Microsoft for use with Windows Hello.

Trust is critical for enterprise security, and BIO-key has been trusted to delivered strong enterprise security for the Fortune 500, leading financial services, healthcare organizations and manufacturers of all types and sizes.

Gartner predicts that by 2019, total enterprise spending on security outsourcing services will be 75 percent of the spending on security software and hardware products, up from 63 percent in 2016.

Using BIO-key to protect data

As the data deluge continues and more organizations continue to adopt big data systems, it is crucial to protect personal information, regulated data, and intellectual property while also being able to share information securely. Organizations are shifting to a policy-based approach for access control, commonly using tools like Active Directory to securely share information between departments, partners and with customers and ensure that only those who are authorized to see sensitive information can. Our fingerprint software authenticates the user that’s gaining access and provides a complete audit trail of activity and transactions.

Accurate monitoring and reporting

Increasingly, organizations are looking to implement advanced monitoring and reporting to help identify internal security threats and find vulnerabilities within the enterprise. For organizations that want to monitor what’s occurring after users sign in, we offer advanced reporting features that are easy to monitor, manage, and share.

Are you in the cloud?

The move to the cloud has been underway for quite some time with many organizations now adopting a “cloud-only” approach. Enterprises are moving their entire infrastructure to the cloud, which means a need for cloud-native security products and capabilities. BIO-key supports the “cloud-only” approach with our biometric authentication solutions, and we also support authentication to the server or on the device, if you are seeking a FIDO 2 compliant method. Our approach is to offer flexible security options that can stand the test of time.

Compliance regulations

Regulatory compliance is a bear for some organizations to manage. Increasingly state and federal security requirements are raising the bar for online access, especially in the case of highly regulated industries. Customers in healthcare, financial services, government, and government contractors are all required to deploy some form of multi-factor authentication to stay complaint within industry guidelines. As organizations consider their options for the second form of authentication they are learning that biometric authentication delivers robust security, enhances workflow and is very cost effective when compared with its counterparts including tokens, PINs and proximity cards.

Customer identity and access management (CIAM)

Many organizations are focusing on great customer experience by improving operation efficiency. Biometric authentication is instant and allows users to focus on customer communication, rather than the monotony of the organization’s identification process. Additionally, customers are more confident knowing that their data and transitions are secured by their biometric. Biometric authentication helps organizations reduce the risk of a data breach and thereby provides brand protection. If your organization is seeking a customer facing authentication method, our solutions have high scores when it comes to user satisfaction. We call it the Power of a Touch.

Role-based and risk-based authentication

For organizations such as manufacturers, the IT department is tasked with providing an online security solution that can support multiple levels of authority and access. Factory workers and part-time employees don’t need the same type of access a manager or supervisor might need. The executive level needs to have different access privileges than the management team, and these multiple roles and responsibilities create a challenging paradigm for the IT department. Biometric authentication becomes the great equalizer as IT managers associate roles and risk levels with the user’s title/role and responsibilities. Your fingerprint navigates the fork in the road providing the user with privileged access to only the areas they are approved.

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