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BIO-key International is a leading provider of fingerprint biometric identification, secure mobile credentialing and user identity verification solutions. We help customers reduce risk and protect the value of their services and assets, while minimizing the ongoing costs for Access Control and Identity Management. BIO-key provides the most effective, reliable and efficient biometric authentication capabilities available today. BIO-key's products are software based and optimized to deliver fast and accurate user authentication on any device, network or Internet environment. These software products are compatible with more than fifty fingerprint readers. Our technology is standards-compliant, independently validated by the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) and hardware and operating system agnostic. This provides efficient and reliable Identity Management, Privilege Entitlement and Access Control for your sensitive information and access points.



 New Compact Readers - Compatible with Windows 10


SideSwipe  EcoID
Now you can use one of our new compact readers fingerprint readers to logon to your Windows devices.  BIO-key provides secure - convenient access to Windows devices, allowing you to replace your password with biometric authentication.

BIO-key for Healthcare
BIO-key’s technology is deployed in leading hospitals, clinics and private practices.  Healthcare providers utilize BIO-key's fingerprint biometric technology to enhance security, increase convenience and meet compliance requirements of the DEA and State Board of Pharmacy. Doctors, nurses and administrators use BIO-key to access EHR records and to provide compliant two-factor authentication for electronic prescription of controlled substances.  Additionally our technology is used to provide secure access to thousands of medication dispensing cabinets in hospitals throughout the world. BIO-key’s superior one-to-many matching capability allows any organization to enroll a healthcare provider, or patient and accurately recover their records without requiring any further form of identification. This is a revolutionary method to manage patient information, care and payments.

BIO-key for Identity and Access Management
BIO-key provides our partners and customers with integrated biometric fingerprint solutions in the Identity Access Management market. BIO-key works with the leading IAM and SSO vendors to deliver strong authentication solutions utilizing our patented fingerprint biometric software, including partnerships with IBM, CA Technologies, Oracle and Caradigm. BIO-key IAM solutions provide the support of our NIST highly rated algorithm and support of interoperability from any environment and any device in a single interconnected environment.  BIO-key delivers both Web- and Cloud-based applications to IAM partners, supporting solutions such as critical online commerce, collaborations, transactions and other enterprise applications. These fundamental solutions are put in place to secure interactions by authenticating or identifying the person, not the device, in order to provide an absolute positive identification. BIO-key also provides consultation and strategy services, design and implement services, as well as managed services that leverage BIO-key’s biometric technologies, security professionals, and global support center. We help develop tailored security solutions, specifically designed to meet the requirements of your business and security objectives.  BIO-key offers a comprehensive portfolio of identity and access management partners and solutions, so you can work with one trusted provider for all your biometric authentication needs. Our solutions cover virtually every aspect of identity and access management, including user provisioning, web access management, enterprise single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and user activity compliance management.

BIO-key for Mobility
BIO-key delivers strong mobile fingerprint authentication on Windows and Android. Utilizing our advanced algorithm, customers achieve fast and secure one-touch mobile authentication on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.  From just a single enrollment, which takes 2-3 minutes, BIO-key mobility customers can authenticate on any approved mobile device and PC’s and workstations with supporting fingerprint readers. Our technology reduces or eliminates the need for passwords, which can be lost, stolen or shared. We replace yesterday’s security solutions with state-of-the-art biometric technology, providing absolute positive ID on mobile- and land-based devices. Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, have become a highly valued asset of enterprises and consumers alike. Increased capabilities allow us to conduct business, banking and personal transactions anywhere in the world at any time. Utilization of smartphones for mobile banking and NFC purchases puts additional demands on the security platform. Sophisticated passwords are not a viable solution, as has already been proven. These antiquated measures are not secure nor are they convenient to use. BIO-key customers benefit from sub-second authentication to the cloud or server. Mobility means convenience and BIO-key incorporates convenience into the authentication process.