BIO-key hardware, software and finger sensor solutions can be integrated and adapted to support enterprise level and consumer facing products that want to add a layer of biometric technology.

There are no boundaries for our technology which is open to unlimited use cases.

When you add BIO-key to your products you:

Increase security

Improve privacy

Enhance convenience

Add value to the product

Differentiate your product

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When BIO-key introduced our revolutionary fingerprint biometric software we announced to the world that it’s unique differentiator was its interoperable capabilities.

While the rest of the industry was focused on making hardware and software that worked in unison, we assigned our R&D with a much more challenging task, which was to develop a biometric algorithm and secure software platform that could support multi-modal biometric options, devices and virtually every fingerprint scanner.

The research we conducted within the industry and with customers of all types, including competitors pointed to a world that would require flexible, interoperable solutions working side by side with compatible products and technologies in order to provide end users with an authentication process that was sustainable and future proof.

Since then we’ve seen many companies enter and exit the market, yet in 2018 BIO-key proudly celebrates our 25th year as a pioneer – thought leader – provider of innovative biometric authentication technologies.

Examples of BIO-key longstanding and successful OEM Partnerships.

BIO-key OEM partner NCR embedded our fingerprint authentication software directly into their market leading POS systems.  Retailers and fast food franchises nationwide rely upon BIO-key to provide the speed and accuracy to ensure a seamless, static free authentication takes place for each and every transaction.   Detailed audit trails are available to IT mangers making it easy for them to review and submit transaction reports to store managers and accounting teams.  Workflow moves along seamlessly thanks to the instant one touch authentication process which typically replaces the swipe of a prox card or entry of  a password or PIN number, all methods that can be lost, stolen, or shared.

Omnicell a leading manufacturer of medication dispensing cabinets, embedded BIO-key fingerprint authentication solutions directly into their cabinets, so nurses and doctors can quickly and conveniently authenticate, when requesting and removing prescription medications on hospital floors.  Omnicell medication cabinets can be found in thousands of hospitals throughout the United States and the BIO-key solution works seamlessly with a very high degree of user and company satisfaction.

BIO-key Introduces the Biometric of Things

BIO-key invites manufacturers that are seeking to incorporate biometric authentication into your products to reach out to us and connect with our engineers and product development team.

BIO-key welcomes the opportunity to connect with solution provides such as EHR providers, POS System Developers, Keyboard Manufactures, Cabinet Manufacturers, and developers of other forward-facing solutions, through our OEM Partner Inquiry Form.

When OEM partners integrate BIO-key biometric authentication technology they differentiate their product offerings, raise the bar on security and improve workflow / the end user experience.  Once integrated BIO-key provides a plug and play high performance solution that’s bound to enhance the value of your product and brand.

BIO-key’s OEM sales team, sales support engineers, product development engineers and scientists bring a collaborative approach to every project.  We start each project with an open mind, a white board approach and no question goes unsolved.

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When it comes to the IoT and the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity which enables these things to connect and exchange data security will eventually emerge as a hot topic. It hasn’t just yet because the IoT is still in its infancy, but as utilization grows, so will the attention of fraudsters.

Our one-touch secure fingerprint authentication solutions provide the complimentary convenience elements without sacrificing security. Superior to using PIN numbers, swiping a card, or entering a password, your fingerprint is your master key to the IoT.


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