There are limitless applications and use cases for our biometric security solutions.  We welcome the opportunity to engage your product marketers and product developers with our R&D team to see if together we can deliver innovative products that improve the customer experience.


Gun Cabinets
Gun owners understand the importance of securing their firearms. Gun cabinets that require a key or a combination to access are still vulnerable when the key or combination gets in the wrong hands. Adding a layer of biometric security would protect unwarranted access to dangerous weapons.

Medicine Cabinets
Medications of any type can be dangerous, even life threatening when not taken by the prescribed party. Most bathroom medicine cabinets allow open access to medications and prescriptions. Protecting medicine off all types with biometric security would limit misuse.

Pocket Book
A pocket book contains more than just money, it also is the carry-all for identification, credit cards, photo’s, medication and personal items. It makes sense to secure all these treasured items with more than just a safety latch. Biometric security ensures that it’s you opening that pocket book.

As you pass ofF your luggage in the airport or leave it with hotel storage or outside your cabin as you cruise your valuables are often in the hands of strangers. The TSA requires that you have a lock embossed with their logo, one that opens with their master key. How about a TSA lock that opens with your fingerprint, so you don’t have to remember a combination or carry a key?

Laptop Bag
You use a password to protect access to your laptop or tablet so why not protect access to the device. Most laptop bags only have a zipper to protect what’s inside. Imagine having a form factor that allows you to open the bag with the touch of your finger. Biometric access to the device.

Loyalty Programs
Many loyalty programs require you to carry / swipe a card or mini card that connects to your key chain. Some use your cell phone number as an identifier, but that becomes annoying when you change phones – numbers. What’s the ID card that you always have on you and doesn’t require swiping a card or remembering an old phone number? That’s right it’s your fingerprint, the only loyalty card you’ll ever need.

Gym Memberships
Some gyms require a card or provide a key-fab and some rely upon the customer entering an ID number. Regardless they can all be costly to maintain and create static for the customer eager to start their workout session. Your fingerprint can’t be lost, stolen or shared the way many membership cards are, thus costing the business revenue.

Tanning Salons
Similar to a gym membership a tanning membership requires some form of identification. But how many customers visit tanning salons on a temporary or season basis? Therefore, it’s a bad business practice to waste money on creating an identification card with a limited shelf life. The dollars add up as each short-term customers ID card ends up lost or in the trash. Biometric ID presents an inexpensive solution with no waste or shrinkage.

Higher Education – Online Classes and Tests
Who’s the student that Is taking the class or submitting the answers to the test? Is a user name and password enough to protect the integrity of remote online classrooms, tests and university brands? By incorporating biometric sign in and checkpoints the online education process will improve. Biometric sign-in will provide a layer of security and convenience that’s missing from today’s online educational experience.

Storage Lockers
How often does someone visit their storage locker? Just a few times per year on average. Issues such as where did you put the key, is the facility open 24/7 present obvious challenges. Biometric security eliminates the need to remember where you placed that key you use 2X a year and biometric security means you should have 24/7 access. Biometric security can provide reporting and audit trails!

Bank Deposit Bags
Retailers are provided with a collection of night deposit bags to secure after hour deposits. Instead of keys these bags can be secured and protected by biometric security; eliminating the need for keys which can be lost stolen or shared.

Retail Cabinets – High Value Goods
Many retailers rely on the management team to carry a key in order to protect access to high-end inventory. Yet asking the manager to be available for all the necessary access points during a traditional business day can present challenges, adding unnecessary friction to the customer experience. Using storage cabinets that offer biometric security provides a more transparent way to protect goods and maintain positive workflow.

Point of Sales (POS)
Monitoring transactions is vital for every retail establishment. POS systems that rely on users to swipe a card or enter a PIN number add time and inconvenience to every transaction. Smart POS companies are leveraging the ease and convenience of one touch ID. Biometrics also reduce the risk of theft as the solution cannot be lost, stolen or shared.

Jewelry Boxes
We place our most expensive personal items in a box without a lock on top of our dresser. Don’t these treasures and jewels deserve to be protected with some level of security? Since they are items that are personal to us, doesn’t it make sense to use our biometric to protect these assets? Or is it safer to just keep them in a box with open access?

Safe Deposit Boxes
Safe deposit boxes represent another case for the seldomly used key. Where did you put it? Banks are starting to deploy biometric authentication internally and it’s only natural that they extend the security and convenience to their customer base.

In-Home Safes
Securing an in-home safe with a key or combination doesn’t make it safe from break-ins. Securing an in-home safe with a biometric adds a layer of security and convenience that is unmatched.

Time and Attendance
Whether its work or school or group related the best way to monitor attendance accurately is using biometric ID and reporting; it provides accuracy that can’t be manipulated.

eSignatures & Electronic Signatures
Want a fast – secure and convenient way to provide a signature audit trail that’s faster than eSignatures? Use biometric because it’s accurate, secure and instant.

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