When Microsoft announced the Ignite Your Business 12-city event, the goal was to demonstrate the latest enterprise features of Windows 10.  BIO-key was invited to participate as a “Launch Partner” to support Windows 10 new biometric authentication sign-in option.

Microsoft launched Windows Hello to introduce millions of their customers to the added security and convenience offered by a biometric sign-in.  BIO-key’s SideSwipe, SideTouch, and EcoID have been tested and qualified by Microsoft to bear the Windows Hello ready mark.  All three of these compact/durable readers are native to Windows Hello sign-in platform, making them easy to install and use.

Fingerprint Scanners For Windows

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Windows Hello compatible

Customers enjoy not entering a password or PIN to sign-in to their device and many want to broaden the experience.

Windows Hello offers biometric sign-in to:

Windows Hello is intended to offer additional biometric authentication directly to connected applications later in 2018.

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Biometric Framework

Every individual has unique characteristics that can be used for identification. Typically, these characteristics are physical and include traits such as fingerprints, but they can also include behavioral characteristics such as gait and typing rhythm. The term biometrics encompasses both meanings. Biometric information is increasingly replacing passwords to identify and verify users. It is more secure and often more convenient for both user and administrator.

Sensors are used to capture biometric information. The sensor captures the info as a biometric sample. A single sample contains data that represents a unique biometric characteristic for one individual. Multiple samples are averaged to create a biometric template, and the model is securely stored. Later, a sample from an unknown user is compared to the stored templates to establish and verify user identity. The Windows Biometric service, part of the Windows Biometric Framework (WBF), provides the following functionality. You can use the Windows Biometric Framework API to leverage this functionality.

Captures biometric samples and uses them to create a template.

Securely saves and retrieves biometric templates.

Maps each template to a unique identifier such as a GUID or SID.

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BIO-key’s ID Director for Windows Delivers Strong Enterprise Security

For organizations operating on the Windows platform, BIO-key has introduced a way to reduce your use of passwords, reduce password resets, and increase security company-wide.  ID Director for Windows adds a secure and convenient layer of fingerprint biometric authentication, which is associated with the user’s credentials through Active Directory.  BIO-key’s made it easy and affordable for organizations of any industry or size to deploy a secure biometric authentication solution for single sign-on or multifactor authentication.


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