Admin Panel

A simple, efficient admin experience

Developing and implementing an IAM strategy is already challenging enough. Having an IAM solution that is difficult to integrate, configure and manage can put an extra burden on you and your IT users, making it difficult to complete simple tasks, wasting valuable time, and increasing overall costs.

The PortalGuard IDaaS Admin Panel provides a simple administrator experience that empowers your IT Administrators to efficiently manage users, control SSO integrations, configure security policies, and more all in one place.  

PortalGuard IDaaS Admin Panel Demo


Improved Workflow Efficiency

A simple, centralized experience eliminates inefficiencies for faster completion of workflows and time savings for busy IT teams.

Prove Compliance

Prove that the controls and policies you have in place are being properly followed.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) at Your Fingertips

Have easy access to our expert support team that can help guide you as you implement your IAM strategy and get the most out of PortalGuard.


Easy management of PortalGuard IDaaS from a centralized location.

Roles & Permissions

Free up your workload by assigning privileges and delegating tasks based on roles you define.

User Management

Create, search, update, and remove end user and IT user identities and permissions.

Control SSO Integrations

Create, configure, review, and manage settings for application SSO integrations.

Configure Security Policies

Configure policies for the group, OU, or individual user to enforce security and configure the authentication methods, password complexity rules, and other capabilities that will impact the user’s login experience.

Quick Access to Reporting & Auditing

To ensure continued compliance, safeguard against unauthorized system access, and troubleshoot login issues within your organization.

Browser Access

The admin panel can be accessed from any web browser on any device, desktop or mobile.

Get Support

Initiate support tickets to quickly engage with our team of SMEs to answer your questions and make sure PortalGuard is configured properly.

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